Posted on October 3, 2006
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15 responses to “Pakistan’s Battle of Bandwidth Rates”

  1. aslam says:

    this sale of PTCL was a selling junk to innocent eitisalat, the fact is that with the new technologies like WLL and VOIP the existing structure was already obsolete, and just mere junk, rubbish, and scrap, the exchanges were scrap,, tha lines were no use over used, dirty mess, PTCL was a big ugly junk yard,
    they have put this dirty mess in eitesalats neck,

    the VOIP and WLL is far much advanced and easy to use , mainntain , establish, and at fraction of the cost of current set up, so instead of throwing this junk in to gutter they cleverly put it into someone elses pocket,

    the disadvantage is that ultimately people will have to pay for it all, eiteslat will manage to get out what it has spent, governement has sold tha junk,

    but people will suffer becaus this will delay the VOIP and WLL , these things should have been widely installed by now and in common use, but government and eitisalat will delay them till they eat to their full tummy,

    the ptcl was a institution which was made to serve public,
    but what happened was that public was made to suffer for the intrests of the instition of ptcl.

    ptcl never allowed private internet companies to establish, they always boosed the isps, all isps have to buy form ptcl,

    if tata or other international companies were allowed we would be on fiber optic 10mb per second connection,

  2. Barkan Saeed says:

    Just read the news that PTCL stay has been cancalled by the high court..

    Any ideas on what the new tarrifs are going to be ??

  3. Babar Bhatti says:

    The battle goes on. This just in: The Lahore High Court (Rawalpindi bench) has granted PTCL stay against the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s decision to reduce bandwidth prices after an Etisalat-run company challenged the determination for the second time. See: 7

  4. Asif says:

    I am not sure what the big deal is. We have now privatised the company. Lets stop interfering in their work. Why should they not make a profit. This is not communism!

  5. HS says:

    This is not about free market or anything. The goevrnment reddices teh rates for teh expliccit purpsoe taht the savings are passed on to teh customer. BUt they were not. That is what this is all about.