Posted on October 29, 2006
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10 responses to “Dengue Fever Toll Rising”

  1. Free Book Source says:

    its really very dangerous virus and I’m afraid that it might be Biological weapon…?

  2. place ur ads here relevant to dengi and others as well

  3. Raza says:

    Are you the same adil najam who created that hum dekhenge video?

  4. Daktar says:

    The numbers are rising across both Pakistan and India. Not epidemic yet, but maybe soon. I also worry that many people who are infected or may have already died never reported or got diagnosed and these numbers may be less than actual.

  5. Sidhusaaheb says:

    I suppose checking the breeding of mosquitos is the most important means for controlling the spread of the deadly disease.

    We can all do out part by ensuring that water coolers, etc. are clean and that unclean water has not collected anywhere in or around our homes. Pouring some oil over it is also supposed to be of help.

    The news story at 0820.cms details some measures that the government is planning to take, here in India.

    I hope the sub-continent will soon get rid of Dengue!