Posted on December 21, 2006
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35 responses to “ATP Photo-Quiz: The Churches of Pakistan”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    I am not aware of the size of the Lutheran community in Pakistan, but to them and to Lutheran’s all over the world, Happy Reformation Day!

  2. Lyn Brit says:

    I noticed this interesting site while I was surfing, and was amazed at the photos that you provided of the churches in Karachi.

    I have question which is quite unrelated to our quiz. I was wondering whether it is possible for you to help me.

    I am doing a bit of genealogy with respect to my background. My paternal grandmother was born in Karachi and baptized in St Patrick’s Church, Karachi. My dad too was born in Karachi.

    I am trying to get their birth certificates and would like to write to ‘someone’ in St. Patrick’s Church to provide copies of this certificates, if possible.

    Would you by any chance have the address of St. Patrick’s Church? I would like to request for copies of the certs.
    Your response will be greatly appreciated.
    Good luck on this wonderful site!!!

    Thank you.

    Ms L Britt

  3. Ata Khan says:

    Dear all,

    It is very shockingly amazing to hear and read about the contents of a movie by a Dutch parlimentarian, supposed to be a man with a great sense of responsibility which he is not.

    I really feel very sorry for the voters who voted for such an idiot who rather than bridging the gap among the different cultures and religions is spreading hatred in the world by twisting the facts.

    The fact should not be forgotten that Mr. Wilders is using rather misusing his position and the EU shoulder to fulfill his ill willed agendas to bring enemity between Muslims and Christians. What does he really want???

    I would like to conclude on the yesterday’s report by Vatican that Islam has outnumbered the others and have become the most observed religion of the world, may i ask why???

    Do both things have any connection??

    love and peace for all

  4. zain says:

    I will try and guess by building styles

    First set right to left: murree, rawalpindi, ?
    Second set right to left and down: Lahore, Karachi, Karachi (not sure), Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore
    Third set right to left and down: Murree, Bhawalpur, Peshawer ?, ?, Hyderabad, Wah.

    Nice quiz.


  5. A Bishop in Pakistan that has newly started more than 300 new home based churches. The organization he started is amazing, helping thousands of poor. Please – Take a look for yourself!