Posted on December 22, 2006
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24 responses to “Billo for Dinner? Find Your ‘Dream Bakra’ On-line”

  1. kashif says: is doing good business in Lahore. Last year we have purchased two bakras from Bakra Online and this year we are also planning to have from them, it not only save time but also may other things

  2. Dr Usman Zafar says:

    i am living in Dubai and want Bukra for Eid which is after 4 days, can you deliver an excellent Bukra, if yes please send pictures i want the best one.

    Dr.Usman Zafar
    Mobile: 00971 50 5777469

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ Bakra, wo hamara jo secular hogaya,
    kaan hilata, seengh lehrata, apna bakra

    Muhallah, sar pay uthaya tha, eid say pehlay,
    Leaderon ka, ustaad jo tha, bharmata bakra

    Qaum par, jan lara kar,wo qurban howa,
    Si’kha gaya wo sabaq, bar’akta takrata bakra

    Karachi kay kamelay ka, bangaya wo Qas’sab
    dhond’ta phirta hay ” zabih” ko Tharakta bakra
    Rafay Kashmiri


    hello ! Aslam u alaikum
    My name is Asrar.
    I live in pakistan