Picture of the Day: The Loads We Carry

Posted on January 26, 2007
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Adil Najam

Found this picture on Metroblog Lahore. The title there was ‘Only in Lahore.’ I find the picture captivating. Love the expression on his face. Love the composition. Even the shirt is interesting.

Some of the early commenters on this at Metroblog Lahore seemed appalled that he would carry the ‘desi style’ squat toilet bowl on his head. I wondered why they were appalled? Maybe its out schisms of paki-napaki.

It seems clear from the picture that even though the ceramic contraption on his head may one day be used as a toilet bowl, but it is a new unit (despite the layer of dust on it). What it might be eventually be used for is irrelevant; right now it could be a piece of Ming China for all he cares. The point for him, I am sure, is that this is a heavy piece of ceramic and this is not a bad way to carry it across a distance.

Anyhow, the paragraphs above are a good example of over-analysis. My bad.

Sometimes a picture is just a picture. A man with a pot on his head is just a man with a pot on his head. And a cool shirt is just a cool shirt. So let us leave it at that.

Unless, of course, someone has an interesting and funny title to suggest for this.

P.S. By the way, Lahore wallas, can you identify where in Lahore this picture was taken (note the building behind him).

15 responses to “Picture of the Day: The Loads We Carry”

  1. Adil Najam says:

    Dear Vaqas

    I DO want to give you all the credit for this great pic. Which is why I linked back to Metroblog Lahore. By the way, did you take the picture yourself?

    Thanks and Good Work.

  2. Irfanullah says:

    Very funny picture. I also like the shirt :-)

    You are right, if you have to carry this a long distance, its probably much easier to carry it the way he is doing. Otherwise you break your back.

  3. Vaqas says:

    at least give some ME some credit :P
    I think it’s McLeod Road.

  4. mansoor says:

    lol! funny :D

    no idea about the place though, haven’t been to lahore that much…

  5. Asma says:

    Mall Road – GPO ?? I’m bad in remembering lahori places … But I know it comes in way when we go to Lahore :)

    And yup it’s just so intresting .. the other day I was reading a joke in RD that the toilet seat came with an instruction “Dishwasher safe” though seldom would take advantage of this added benefit ;-)

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