Posted on January 26, 2007
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15 responses to “Picture of the Day: The Loads We Carry”

  1. Naan Haleem says:

    Sorry for (very) late comment. But i came across this post just today. This picture was taken in Shah Alam Market (Shaalmi as it is called). The building in the background is a primary school just opposite to famous D-point parking plaza. The person is moving towards the Saraafa Bazar (gold market) and may further go to either Rang Mahal or Masti Gate.

  2. ilyas says:

    How much simple people we are? innocent, these are realy pakistanian. basically poor pakistanian working eating and sleeping. Awaiting for a day which will change their fate.

    This picture shows the reality about mind, nature, bahaviour of 98% of our Pakisani people. How much simple they are. How much blunder and clever is remaining 2%.

  3. […] I recieved a couple of emails with this picture today, and then saw it poste by Vaqas on Metroblog Lahore (see earlier picture here). A great picture by Awais Lodhi. We at ATP have a long-standing fascination with rickshaws (here, here, here, here an here). But, this, of course, is about political commentary, not just about rickshaws. […]

  4. Sara Malik says:

    Lol. the picture is so funny, and so is Asma’s comment… dishwasher safe toilet? yuck!!!! Thank God they dont fit in toilets… just think of the consequences… just you think it!!!

  5. sunnilink says:

    The expression on his face is priceless! :)