Picture of the Day: Suggest A Title

Posted on March 28, 2007
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Adil Najam

One can so so much about this picture – from Daily Times – but I just think it isa great picture as a news photograph. So, rather than me saying anything, why don’t you. Suggest a title. Make it funny. Shairi (peotry) is particularly welcome.

(For more on ATP fascination with cops, see here, here, here, here and here)

48 responses to “Picture of the Day: Suggest A Title”

  1. Jabir Khan says:

    bhitai wrote:

    “Yahan peshaab karna mana hayâ€

  2. Harris says:

    My humble entries

    “The great wall of Punjab”


  3. salman says:

    my vote for bhittai and Deeda-i-Beena

  4. Social Mistri says:

    “Meri naak mein say apni topi nikalo!!”

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    Bhittai’s comment is hilarious :)

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