ATP Quiz: What is This and Where?

Posted on April 20, 2007
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By Darwaish

I think this should not be difficult but lets see. Can you identify what this is? Where? And what is that in the background?

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  1. Darwaish says:

    I am pretty sure that this is GIKI. Swabi and Mardan are sister districts and the distance between two is hardly 40-45 KM (btw Takht-i-Bahi is also 17 KM outside Mardan in a small town Shahbaz Garhi). It takes hardly 50-60 minutes to reach Takht-i-Bahi from GIKI campus. Several references are available to support this including GIKI website.

    Also note that the picture the is taken from the top of a hill behind the buddhist monastery and from there one can look down across the plains as far as Peshawar on one side and up to the Malakand Pass and the hills of Swat on the other and towards north is the Hindu Kush.

    It is very interesting indeed and it would be great if anyone can provide further information on that. Any GIKI student/faculty reading this?

    PS: while looking for information on the subject I also came to know that there is a town called Zaidane in NWFP :)

  2. MQ says:


    It can’t be GIKI because GIKI is in Topi, ditrict Swabi. This monastery, as you confirmed, is in Takht Bhai near Mardan — different district and quite a distance from Topi — unless it happens to be second campus of GIKI. Could you please double check on this?

  3. Darwaish says:

    the white structure you see on the top left corner is actually Ghulam Ishaque Khan Institute. Susprised? I was saving this for the follow-up post but anyways :) .. check the link for a larger photograph.

    and like MQ said, ATP definitely needs a sayeen, a jogi and a sufi ;)

  4. MQ says:

    The monestary at Takhtbai and the one in Jaulian, Taxila, look very much alike. The building plans and the building materials (stone) in both cases are similar. And so is the topography — hills.

    The white building in the background, I suspect, is a madrassa.

    I think we could use a Soofi and Saeen as well on this blog. Actually, we desperately need them. Don’t we?

  5. Pervaiz Munir Alvi says:

    I am keen to know what is in the ‘background’.

    BTW: It is interesting that here at ATP we have our own resident ‘Qalandar’ and a ‘Darwaish’.

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