May 1: Every Day is Labor Day

Posted on May 1, 2007
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Adil Najam

Tou qadir-e-mutlaq hai, magar tairay jahaN meiN
HaiN talkh bohat banda-e-mazdoor kay auqaat

Rural Worker Northern Pakistan

19 responses to “May 1: Every Day is Labor Day”

  1. kronstadter says:


    I think I must disagree here. You see, if people are to make some sort of change, they must themselves have a stake in the system.
    I know that you sincerely wish to help the working masses of this country. I think that many people who read this blog would like to do that. But even in our desire to help the poor, we might implement policies which go against their interests.
    We need to understand that that the best way to help the under-privileged masses is by educating them of their rights, and joining their day-to-day struggle for a better life.
    Unless the working-masses of this country take control of our politics, they will remain alienated, and there is little that you or I could do to help them from our ivory towers.

    For you and me to sit here and devise strategies to help the poor would be futile. It might satisfy our conscience, but will it really help them? No.

    I feel that we should be devising strategies to empower the poor, politically and socially. That way, they can themselves take up the task of building a better, fairer Pakistan, and a more just world.

    What do you think?

  2. Lahori says:

    I think the issue is not bringing the poor into politics, the real issue is getting those who keep talking politics and religion (including here) to start caring about the poor!

  3. kronstadter says:

    It is amazing how the people who seem to care so deeply for Pakistan when you talk about politics or about religion, go quiet when you talk about the poor! I guess that is why we are where we are as a nation…

    The poor can take neither conventional “politics” nor conventional “religion” very seriously.

    None of these things are meant for them. These things are the pursuits of the privileged.

    To bring the poor and sidelined masses into the mainstream political process is a difficult task indeed, but if we want development and social justice, it is absolutely necessary.

  4. Eidee Man says:

    The colors in the first picture are amazing..

  5. Abdul Jabbar Khan says:

    iam sorry i was thinking that u want a comment regarding the urdu text mention above ..sharati logoon ke liye saza ka maqqol intzam hia, for labour day.i must tel you that durring my graduation days i was working in famous textile to support my studies. but i rembered that on the second day of Eid ul fitar, on 14 august and on 01 may we were always called for work forcibily by an order from production manager signed on a simple paper. we talk about womens but i belive the workers of my country has no right to enjoy.. religios, independence day or even eid ul fitar. now iam in europe for my research studies and can see the diff between our islamic repblic and these republic.. in pakistan labour day .. what we are talking about..????

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