Emergency being declared in Pakistan?? But Why??

Posted on August 8, 2007
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ATP Poll on Musharraf and PollsI am watching television right now and every news channels is reporting that declaration of emergency in Pakistan is likely sometime tonight or tomorrow for sure. This is happening when rumors about PML(N) leaders Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif’s possible return to Pakistan within next 2-3 days were already in the air. Three likely reasons are being suggested for emergency:

1. Threats from United States to attack so called terrorist targets and growing terrorist activities in Pakistan.

2. General law and order situation in NWFP and Balochistan.

3. Killing and kidnapping of Chinese in Pakistan

I can’t understand HOW declaring emergency is a solution to all these problems. Aitezaz Ahsen suggested that the people who want to get rid of President Musharraf are giving him such advices. There is no justification of declaring emergency except for his malafied intentions of remaining in power at every cost. He said that emergency declaration will really be the biggest blunder by President Musharraf and the end of his regime. Interesting observation.

This is what Geo website has:

A high-level meeting presided over by President General Pervez Musharraf decided Wednesday to declare emergency in the country for one month that could be extended for three months, the well placed sources told Geo News. The meeting reviewed current political situation and various options regarding changes in the political set up came under discussion.

Pakistan Muslim League (QA) president Chaudhry Shujaat also reportedly said while talking to women parliamentarians of party during a reception which was hosted by him at his residence that emergency is likely to be declared. Speaker National Assembly was also called at the reception in which he was consulted that in case of emergency how it could be approved from the National Assembly. Some reliable sources confirmed that the decision regarding declaration of emergency was taken in the meeting.

However, the government sources have denied the reports about the declaration of emergency in the country.

Personally, I don’t see any reason whatsoever for this move now. Declaration of emergency at this time will only be seen as a desperate attempt to prolong Musharraf sahab’s rule in Pakistan and to avoid elections. It will also be interesting to see how the Supreme Court of Pakistan react to this because, if true, this will surely be challenged.

The situation is quite uncertain and unclear so we will have to wait and see what happens in next 24-48 hours. I hope this turns out to be just a rumor. We already have too many problems and this will only make things worse. We do NOT want another crises when we are preparing to celebrate years 60 years of independence. May Allah have mercy on Pakistan and give our leaders wisdom to make right decisions. Ameen.

51 responses to “Emergency being declared in Pakistan?? But Why??”

  1. Kruman says:

    Follow the latest on hearing of Sharif brother’s petition at:

  2. dawa-i-dil says:

    Emergency only considered as Nawaz Sharif is coming…

    assaid by CJ..of previous 2004 decison of Shabaz Sharif…

  3. dawa-i-dil says:

    I dont think that Mushy has completely set aside the Emergency…

    when NS will come..as SC clearly said that ..every pakistani is a right abnd SC decided in Shahbaz Sharif cse in 2004…..
    may be more emergency at that time..to stop him…

    man dictator is willing to go any end for his seat…

    http://www.paklinks.com/gs/showthread.php?t=252965 &page=2

    http://www.paklinks.com/gs/showthread.php?t=241568 &page=3

  4. Kruman says:

    Congrats to the entire nation on Musharraf’s 64th birthyday!

    Asa has pointed out on this blog that no military tyrant in Pakistan has stayed in office beyond 64 years of age.

  5. dawa-i-dil says:


    really i have sympathies with General Musharraf and tola of PML(Q)….

    not a new thing in history…..

    in 1969 ..when people came out against Gen. Ayub..he also did the same things like All Parties Conference ..releasing Sh. Mujeeb ur Rahman….etc etc….but people kicked him out….

    In 1977 ..when people came out against Bhutto…he declred Friday holiday..ban on drinking and gamblers races ..etc etc..but people became more furious …until Army took control…

    and do the General Musharraf think that..people will accept this Emergency …lol…

    Immediately..it will be challenged in honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan….and inshallah inshallah..SC will set aside this so called Emergency….

    is thier any need of this emergency…yes…NS case is on today’s hearing of SC…Uniform case will be soon….so…aqal mand ko ishara hee kafi hota hai….

    American threats and tribal areas conditions are getting better…why need of Emergency….

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