The Amphibian Motorcycle from Quetta

Posted on August 27, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Among other modes of Pakistani transport, Motorcycles have also got their fair share of discussion at ATP here and here. Following photo continues the trend. My question to the readers is how come the motorcycle didn’t shut down in this deep water.

I have also driven motorcyle for many years on Pakistani roads. My motorcycle used to shutdown as soon as flood waters reached the spark plug or the silencer therefore I am very impressed to see this motorcyle cruising comfortably through flood waters.

Photo Credits: This photo is courtesy of Mr. Muhammad Ali Musa who is a Quetta based Professional Photographer.

10 responses to “The Amphibian Motorcycle from Quetta”

  1. binary-zero says:

    Shafqat said right – don’t loose thrust, you’re good to go :) i’ve been through this many times in past :D

  2. well this also shows theory of evolution, bikes are evolving naturally hahaha.

  3. dawa-i-dil says:

    This is computer age…with nano tech era…why you guys..not consider the water proof motor cycles in in Pakistan..mashallah..we have very professional people….which after doing thier education…dont go in the West…but only serve thier country …. so ..a making of suchh motor cycle is not beyond the limits…. &page=3 &page=2

  4. Shafaat says:


    I guess the trick is that you do not loose the thrust. If the silencer keeps on pumping air out then water will not enter and hence the bike will not die. So if you don

  5. Shazia Rubab says:

    Well, the guys have just entered the flooded area and they are happy to be high and dry. If the photographer had waited a few more seconds , it would have been a different story, trust me, been there, done that. No! not driven a motorbike, just been a passenger in similar situations. Seems like eons ago now.

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