Posted on September 2, 2007
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19 responses to “Suggest a Title: For Love or For Money?”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @uppar walla apna kaam kar raha hay,
    Nichay wallay kay liay :

    Ra’sha badam mein chaa gaya, aur jhuk gai kamar,
    Mein jhuk kay dhonta hoon, jawwani kidhhar gai’i
    Ustad Qamar Jalalwi

  2. akbar khamisu khan alghoza player he is next perfarminces 16 julay 2008 in paris and 6 septmber to 11 in italy akbar khamisu khan he is only one alghoza in world he played alghoza classical ragas and beets

  3. i m very happy the 1st pakistan big orginization working very good for sufi and folk music national and international my name is akbar khamisu khan i m son of great alghoza player khamisu khan from sind my telphone numbetr is 0092 333 230433

  4. When i see this photo first i laugh on it but after some seconds i deeply sad, because poority is speedly increase in our country so people are working in this strange manner.