Posted on September 4, 2007
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138 responses to “Bomb Blasts in Rawalpindi – Pakistan at War”

  1. sonum says:

    i just want to say that what you are all saying is true.i have just lost some family members who were travelling on the bus that was blown up in rawalpindi,my ucle who was an old man and his son who had just been married for less then a year, and when it came to his funeral he was buried without his head or an arm.this is disgusting what is happening in the world aspecially to muslims, we need to stick together for this quamaat to end.i am so horrified in what i see and hear.please i say lets become one ummah and fight this together like muslims

  2. Dewana Aik says:

    “Jabbar..which thing brought tem to that point to blow themselves..”

    The realisation that their evil plans to enforce their dark ideology over everyone will not after all succeed. In sheer desperation and frustration they commit these crimes and in the process show the values (if you can call these values) they really stand for.

  3. Jabbar says:

    dawa. I did not know that APPNA was blowing up Pakistanis and Muslims?

    The real munafiqs are those cowards who on the one habd call Islam a religion of peace and then go and defend the killers who are murdering others muslims and blowing up Pakistanis. There are many munafiqs like that here