Posted on September 5, 2007
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43 responses to “Inhospitable Reception”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    There is an Indian tourism advertisement that shows a taxi driver grabbing a young tourist by the arm and pulling her towards his taxi. He is stopped and rebuked by a young Indian who tells the taxi driver to mend his ways, reminding him that guests are sacred. A lesson indeed from our much-maligned neighbour!

    The Indian “lesson” is that of a physical molester, a sexual assault. A criminal conduct everywhere.

    The Pakistani discussion is about sexual proposition; distasteful and reprehensible. But not a crime.

    Good post, good discussion, all is said that needed to be said.

  2. zameen says:

    it is indeed shameful.feel helpless , i think it solutions lies in our up bringing values and it includes me also

    also kudos for not missing the chance to talk bad about …
    i m refering ….much-maligned neighbour

  3. asmaan says:

    you know, my experiences with men sexually harassing me was worse in india than in pakistan… perhaps because i only was in pakistan for 2 weeks and india for many months. i think it’s a problematic phenomenon in the subcontinent in general… both for desi women and tourists. like someone else said, the only difference is that western tourists are more trusting and open (less defensive and wary) than desi women, and so i think their friendliness/trust is often taken advantage of. it’s a shame because after having spent enough time in the subcontinent, i’ve come to automatically distrust any strange man who even approaches me from the age of 12 to 50. it makes me sad, but not giving them the time of day is easier than my eye contact somehow giving them the idea that i’m ‘open for business’. argh.