Posted on September 6, 2007
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69 responses to “1965 War: A Different Legacy”

  1. Observer says:

    Arghya anyone can make a sensible statement by googling about a few fighter planes and comparing them for self satisfaction where the obvious remains the same ; India attacked Pakistan and were butt- **cked, despite being numerically more. Sending a massive incompetent infantry or the wrong planes… that is a strategy they chose and you have to live with that. The result is what counts, Pakistan won. Tell me a fact that can change this..

  2. Anindya says:

    dear friends,

    its interesting to know that you all are starting to get and believe the true picture of 1965 war. none side won that war coz russia stopped it.
    and pakistani people should be applauded as much as indians as both public supported courageously their own.
    and the line which says that its victory for pakistan cause they managed to protect it from big indian airforce they should also know about the advanced airplanes which pakistani airforce had and indians didnt. more or less it would be perfect to say that both countries lost. and kashmir is not an issue for pakistan or any country to poke nose. kashmiris want free state where both these countries would stop poking their noses and stop sending people with guns. in war of two rivals the innocents die. war and violence never solved anything. in todays world i hope people will get more civilized for worse problem are arising (food deficiency, global warming etc) no flag will be known if humanity dies and i hope humanity becomes civilized enough to know that. Mother Earth is what we should love and protect.

  3. Khuram khan says:

    “Had Pakistan destroyed even 40, India would have stopped flying them althogether! It is very easy to calculate.”
    He is absolutely right,Indian Airforce did stop flying.
    “The Gnat had only two advantages!! It was smaller in size hence difficult to observe and it had a faster rate of climb”
    Is it the same Gnat that surrendered without fight and was made to land at an abandoned airfield near Pasroor?The trophy is still available in PAF Museum.
    Had the IAF been flying we would not have been moving Heavy guns in daylight.So get your facts right please.