Posted on October 10, 2007
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19 responses to “Poll Results: Emerging Shape of Pakistan Politics”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Qazi Hussain Ahmed ,

    you can observe the real visage of Fazlurrehman, the main
    Ummayadi politician culprit, in 1994 he the same game
    Its time now that all muslims in MMA should throw them
    out as we can not afford Ummaydi corrupt so called
    Islam, its sad you have’nt learned anything from history,
    atleast have a browse in Khilafat-o-mulukiat

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Viqar Minai,

    Messiah or not , wasting time en attendant,

    Haris u must check in Quran AlBaqara:
    Inallaha laa yougaiyerou ma be-qaum-e-him,
    Hattah yougaiyerou ma be-anfosihim
    you know what does it say ?

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Suggestions to Nawaz Shareef’s lawyers :

    Mussharaf with his gang must be brought
    before International Court of Justice for

    Crimes against Democracy,

    Disruption of Democratic process by illigal
    seizure of power ,

    Forcing, kidnapping of a democratically elected
    Government and its elected PM Nawaz Shareef.

    Crimes against Nawaz Shareef, country’s genuine
    democratically elected Prime Minister.

    Illigal Toppling of a Democratically elected Government.

    Nawaz Shareef’s Government be re-established, He be
    re-installed, in order to function normally.

    Mussharaf, and those who plotted the coup, must be
    tried before local court and presented before
    Army’s court Martial, and be punished accordingly.

  4. Sohail Agha says:

    This is what even ‘The Economist’ said…..
    ”Farce in Islamabad”

    ”….Perhaps a proper election can still be salvaged from this mess. If not, the loser will be democracy, and the winner not stability but Islamist extremism.”