Technological Wonder: This Mess Of Wires Actually Works

Posted on January 15, 2008
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Owais Mughal

This photo is a working telephone distribution box of an apartment complex in Karachi. At one end, the box is connected to the local telephone exchange and on other it makes individual connections to several homes.

I had initially chosen this photo for its photographic quality and subject but since then many random thoughts keep coming to my mind. We would love to hear what you think of this photo and what else does it remind you (i.e. tashbeehaat).
(1) From my past life, it reminds me of how the telephone staff had once made a mistake in a similar distribution box. The connections of two apartments got switched. Whenever I called my friend, it went to their neighbors. So after few tries, I decided to call their neighbors number and true to my suspicion, the call went through to my friend’s home. This went on for many days until the telephone staff finally corrected the problem.
(2) Looking at this cobweb of wires, it is amazing how telephone technicians can trace a wire from a home to its correct connection in this distribution box.
(3) Also reminds me of this sher:

kal mila waqt to zulfain teri suljha doon ga
aaj uljha hoon zara waqt ke sulajhne main
yoon to sulajh jatee hain uljhee zulfain
umr kat jati hai waqt ke sulajhne main

Photo Credits: Trekearth

31 responses to “Technological Wonder: This Mess Of Wires Actually Works”

  1. Markus says:

    I would suggest this crap residential phone interconnection box needs to be replaced. I once saw a british residential line interconnection box, i thought that was bad, but this is worse… Something like wouldn’t even exist one more moment here in germany if one saw it.

  2. Oh my God it works!!!!!!

  3. Agadir says:

    AOA to alls

    In this time the cell phones are very cheaper and people did not want to take a connection of landline phones.Cell phone companies gives more advantages so peoples are likes cellphones.It is a main difference in cell phone and landline phones and cell phones network is very powerful.
    So the staff of landlines phones did not care their compaies and condition of wire/cables was only on this reason.

  4. Hi Pakistanies,
    this works in Karachi and it is same in Mumbai,delhi or whatsever in India. We the south asians are proud to be a functioning anarchy.
    It WORKS is the important thing.

  5. Reluctant Expatriate says:

    The picture reminds of my happy days in the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. We used to replace the fuses (circuit breakers) in the fuse box of the hostel with used shaving blades so as to use electric heaters in our rooms. Eventually the main fuse used to get overloaded and the whole panel blow up. Our punishment was that we would not have electricity for a couple of days. WAPDA people took their own sweet time to replace the panel. This meant we had to prepare our engineering drawings in candle lights.

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