Emperor Ashoka in our Backyard – Part II

Posted on February 29, 2008
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Mast Qalandar When I wrote the post on Ashoka’s Rock Edicts I had made a suggestion at the end of the post to the department concerned, which was to put up a proper and readable translation of the edicts at the site — both in English and Urdu. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered the […]

Titanic Sightings in Pakistan

Posted on February 28, 2008
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Owais Mughal Last year ATP had brought you a post on Chinese Characters on Pakistani Transport. Today we are bringing you a brand new piece on Titanic sightings around the country. There are 5 such documented sightings. So don’t forget to go to the next page to see more. (1) At The Banks of River […]

Pakistan Elections 2008: Awam Express Has Arrived

Posted on February 28, 2008
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Deeda-i-Beena They were always there but nobody gave them any recognition. They waited patiently and long for their day and at long last when it arrived, they acted. Quietly they arrived in their millions, got their thumbs inked and had a line marked at the edge of their thumb-nails. They went into the privacy of […]