PML(N) Quits from Cabinet (and, maybe, from coalition?)

Posted on May 12, 2008
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Adil Najam

Not unexpectedly, the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz Group has decided to quit from all cabinet positions in the coalition government it had so recently formed with Asif Zardari’s PPP.

Asif Zardari Yousuf Gillani Nawaz Sharif

According to The News:

Following the failure of London talks on the reinstatement of judges; Pakistan Muslim League (PML)-N has decided to resign from federal cabinet in central executive committee meeting underway here. Earlier, federal ministers reached to attend the meeting without official car and other privileges. The meeting has discussed that coalition with Peoples Party was made for the restoration of deposed judges but Peoples Party has failed to fulfill its commitment therefore PML-N has decided to quit the coalition.

The report here says that they have “quit the coalition” but other rumblings suggest that they have only left the cabinet and will continue to work with the PPP on the ouster of Gen. Musharraf. That, however, remains to be seen.

Our ongoing Poll on this subject (now closed) had suggested that most people did NOT believe that the coalition woud fall just yet over the judges issue. But at least for now the news is that it has.

However, this being Pakistan everything will be spun every which way and by the time the dust settles – if it ever settles – things will nearly certainly look very different from what they do now.

40 responses to “PML(N) Quits from Cabinet (and, maybe, from coalition?)”

  1. AHMED AZEEM says:

    The quiting of PML(N) from the federal cabinet was very much on the cards right from the inception of the government as there were strong signals from PPP cadres that NOV 2 judiciary will not be restored in the style MIAN SAHIB , most of the legal feternity,and civil society wanted it to be restored and it is really a great tragedy for whole the nation but the worst aspect of whole the exercise is that PPP is now being marshelled by those people who are not in a position of contesting and winning any seat from any constituency in any sort of general election e.g REHMAN MALIK , HUSSEIN HAQQANI , FAROOQ NAIK ,BABUR AWAN and doubts are created in the mind of Mr ZARDARI that people of PAKISTAN voted PPP in power not because of judiciary but for ROTI KAPRA AUR MAKAN by these aides which is in total negation of ground reality . In the absence of independent , bold and trustworty judiciary there will be an increase in the disparity among the masses of society, disparity in the term of distribution of wealth , resources and oppurtunities. Influential and affluent class is always at the receiving end in such cases where as middle and lower class suffer a lot due to lack of transparency which leads to frustration , agony and protest

  2. Yawar Abbas says:

    This was pretty much eminent that the collation will not survive as it all was based on restoration of judiciary. The judiciary cannot be restored, as to me (with due respect, I do not want to offend anyone!!) as deep inside PPP mind, the question is that if they will restore the judiciary then all the decisions made by the present judiciary will be void?

    So as per that the NRO will be non-existent and hence I believe this will be a matter of concerns AAZ.

    Meanwhile my heart comes out when on one hand we hear the news residing overseas, that life in Pakistan has become too tough and hard for the middle class people and on the other hand people like AAZ come to UK and stay at Dorchester Hotel (Oliver Messel Suite, which costs

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Where are we going

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ I propose that Pir Minister should make retreat
    to Gilan as he is of no use, only good for Madame Tosaud
    next to Elton John. What a waste, PPP made fool of awaam.

  5. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ Some comments are misleading us,

    “Judge’s priority is changed now perhaps, people have other
    preferrences perhaps they think more for atta, daal etc ”
    that is why judges are not going to be …….. you know ?
    well………, you see, awaam is so naive…… every thing has
    its time !!!! “nla, bla, bla,bla, and bla

    PPP was a lier, is a thug, cheater and once againn made
    AWAAM completely fool, thank you Awaam, I wish I could
    slap you to wake you up.
    Now Zardari is giving his own interpretation of Misaaq. Damn fools !why don’t you follow Fazlu, more clever than you “donkites”.

    Our Politicians are duffers par excellence !!
    I am so disgusted and revolted by the breaking up of
    this historical ” Coalition “.

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