ATP Poll: What Lies in Gen. Musharraf’s Future?

Posted on June 1, 2008
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Adil Najam

What lies in Gen. Musharraf's Future?Noises drenched in that uniquely Pakistani mix of rumor, spin, speculation, and analysis suggest that something is afoot in Army House, Rawalpindi. Some suggest that spurred from the US as well as the new political dispensation in Pakistan, but largely because of their own accord, the military leadership is finally ready to ease Gen. Musharraf not only out of Army House, but also out of the Presidency. Official spokesmen, of course, deny this vehemently. Which, given that this is Pakistan, adds an added layer of authenticity to the rumors.

It is time, once again, to wonder what lies in the future of Pakistan.

Although October 2007 now feels like another era, we had asked some similar questions then. At that point we had wondered about the future of Pakistan’s politics (for the next year) in light of the possibility of Gen. Musharraf doffing his uniform. Our readers’ responses had been mostly on the mark – most of you had predicted a year of increased political turbulence and a curtailing of Gen. Musharraf’s influence. Of course, the year is not up yet and anything could well happen between now and October 2008.

The Future of Pakistan's politics

The record of our readers in the last ATP Poll we did – on the future of the PML(N)-PPP coalition – was a little less stellar. Most had thought that the coalition would weather the judicial storm. As it turned out, the coalition fell even before the Poll ended.

So, what do you think lies in Gen. Musharraf’s future between now and October 2008. Has anything changed since the last poll? What? Do vote and do share your views in the comments section.

36 responses to “ATP Poll: What Lies in Gen. Musharraf’s Future?”

  1. Bilal hussain says:


    My last comment was not written in a convoluted form it was written in simple English. I said, the leaders and militants who you know as Al-qaida’s members, all belongs to different “banned ethnic organizations.” baithullah mehsud, usama, mullah umar are all the puppets of America, AL-qaida is not a going concern, did you get my point now? Ok, do you believe that America is really searching for usama?

    If yes, then it would be a difficult task to let you know about the whole game. In sadam’s case America first exploited him and then killed him, the same will happen with usama sooon..

    What if I force you to leave your job? It will definitely provoke you to outcry over the cruel act. The question is not about why are they tagged as heroes or why are they suddenly emerged as ‘independent judiciary’ but the question is why they were being asked and forced to leave their offices? I know the answer amir, but I want you to answer, feel free from biases.

    Musharraf has come up with a very bad idea for the consolidation of power and he is now paying for it.
    If you still adhere to your opinions then you are living in the hell of ignorance.

  2. Aamir Ali says:


    After 7 years of terrorism and hundreds of suicide bombings, if you still believe Alqaida are innocent, and folks likeLal Masjid and Baitullah Mehsud didnt do anything wrong, then you are living in a fool’s paradise and Mr Musharraf’s going will not improve anything.

    btw… all the rest of the sacked judges also took oath from Musharraf and served under him for years. Only when they are sacked after years of status quo, then they remember “judiciary” and become heroes in Pakistan. Strange.

  3. Bilal says:


    It really divulged to a greater extent that you agree to her statement that we should allow their troops to infiltrate into the homeland, isn’t it? I wish if I could show you the real image of al-qaeda, not the one that these Americans have depicted to us but the authentic image, to really reveal the truth that from where they have been fallen and by whom they are being consistently lured and urged to make such attempts that we often see as suicide bombings and target killings.

    Amir iftikhar chaudary wasn’t the only one who was suspended by musharraf, it’s about all of them who were not even involved in the dispute b/w musharraf and iftikhar chaudary.

    Don’t just let your eyes to see what intuition told to but see what is apparent and obvious.

  4. Aamir says:


    Iftikhar Chaudhry took oath under PCO from Mr Musharraf and had no problem with him for years, only when Mr Musharraf told him to get lost, did Chaudhry remember stuff like “independent judiciary”.

    Condoleeza Rice was not telling any lies, these suicide bombers that attack Pakistan and kill our people dont just fall from the sky.

  5. Bilal hussain says:

    Amir, I reiterate the statement that I

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