Posted on August 12, 2008
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17 responses to “Selling Computers by Weight in Pakistan”

  1. REALITY says:

    For smart one, this is marketing. Rest of them continue to dig an answer for Where, Who and Why.

    Remember, monitor is included in the deal, a CRT itself is 12 lbs a piece, you do that math. In my view, Very smart way to do business.

  2. Ahmed says:

    @ Saquib

    Technology is a double edge sword, what a person do with it depends on his upbringing. Parent and teacher should take initiatives and channel inquisitive nature of kids towards constructive things.

    5kb/s is good enough since it all started with dial-ups here and entertainment aspect creates interest of people in computers. I come across parents asking which computer course should I enroll my kids in. Pakistani youth have lot of potential especially with home-shoring becoming a norm it is a lucrative employment opportunity not only for tech workers, but also for accountants, administrative assistants, writers, photographers, etc.

    If one can afford to give a computer to under privileged relative it will be great leveler.

    One example I have is when a teen used his neighbors computer to learn computer program because he is unable to afford the computer and computer courses. These days he is a consultant with clients in Australia to US.