Selling Computers by Weight in Pakistan

Posted on August 12, 2008
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Owais Mughal

A business in Malir, Saudabad (Karachi) is selling working Computers by weight. The ad guarantees Pentium IV microprocessor PCs available in 10 or 15 kilogram versions.

The first line of the ad reads:

save thousands of rupees. Buy computers by weight

Main text in red reads:

Pentium IV Computers (available) at Rupees 399 [approx. US$6] per kilogram only

Does it show abundance of PC hardware in Pakistan? or is the country fast becoming a dumping ground for old PCs from rest of the world.

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Photo Credits: Ahmed at This photo also appears in Karachi Metroblogs.

17 responses to “Selling Computers by Weight in Pakistan”

  1. REALITY says:

    For smart one, this is marketing. Rest of them continue to dig an answer for Where, Who and Why.

    Remember, monitor is included in the deal, a CRT itself is 12 lbs a piece, you do that math. In my view, Very smart way to do business.

  2. Ahmed says:

    @ Saquib

    Technology is a double edge sword, what a person do with it depends on his upbringing. Parent and teacher should take initiatives and channel inquisitive nature of kids towards constructive things.

    5kb/s is good enough since it all started with dial-ups here and entertainment aspect creates interest of people in computers. I come across parents asking which computer course should I enroll my kids in. Pakistani youth have lot of potential especially with home-shoring becoming a norm it is a lucrative employment opportunity not only for tech workers, but also for accountants, administrative assistants, writers, photographers, etc.

    If one can afford to give a computer to under privileged relative it will be great leveler.

    One example I have is when a teen used his neighbors computer to learn computer program because he is unable to afford the computer and computer courses. These days he is a consultant with clients in Australia to US.

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