The Worlds First Computer Virus. Made in Lahore.

Posted on March 14, 2011
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Should we be proud of what these guys did? Or ashamed of it?

Supposedly, Brain was the world’s first computer virus. Does that make it a technology marvel or another illegal act? On the one hand I think there is nothing smart or funny about messing up other’s computers. On the other hand, they seem to have acted in naivety rather than malice. What do you think?

25 responses to “The Worlds First Computer Virus. Made in Lahore.”

  1. Saad Durrani says:

    WOW! I was referred. Thanks guys. I am search of the guys who built the Brain-Buster. I think they deserve a documentary or an article on them.

  2. Osama Yawar says:

    Well, nothing is good about it but nothing is bad as well, Nothing is good in a sense that its a virus and nothing is bad in a sense that as they say it does not effect any data. Its not something to be proud but it can be a message for the Ministry Of Information And Technology that Pakistani`s have talent to do any thing we just need a platform.

    We can be the number one in I.T in the whole world , we have the best programmers working in companies like Apple , Microsoft etc. We just need to use them in a good way.

  3. OK says:

    Raymond Davis releases in blood money? Is the family taking money serious!!!

  4. bghorey says:

    could someone provide contact no of these intelligent pakistanis?

  5. Bangash says:

    These two brothers may have made the first PC virus, nothing to be proud of, but that is not the claim of this article or the commentators, who are saying it was “World’s First Virus”. This article’s claim is wrong.

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