Posted on November 9, 2008
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12 responses to “Tufail Niazi: An Amazing Singer’s Amazing Story”

  1. Neha Marshall says:

    Tufail Niazi is considered one of the pioneers of Punjabi folk.

    Recently Ustad Shafqat Amanat Ali was asked about the greatest folk artist and he responded that no voice can match that of Tufail Niazi.

    Tufail Sahib sung thousands of hours of live music on Radio Pakistan, which was digitised. Some excellent songs can be downloaded at niazi.html

  2. Saadia says:

    Travel Pakistan, if you really follow the radical fatwas then why you learned English? Don’t you know that before the independce of Pakistan some radical Mullahs gave the fatwa that English is the language of Kafir and anyone who will learn that would be a sinner, they called it haram in Islam and many muslims blindly followed and you see how instable is this Pakistan since it took independence.

    BTW at time of our Prophet there was only Daff, which the girls played on his welcome and he did not call it haram. If at that time guitar was invented then they would have played that. Mullahs say that Daff is allowed and its not real music so I ask them why they allow bombs, tanks and guns…remember at the day of prophet it was horses and swords so you see guns, tanks and all modern weapons are haram. Oh yes at that time there was no computers people were writing on leaves so you see computer is haram and we should stay in our cages as there was no concrete houses in Islam…astagfirullah its really haram. Only wear Surma and no glasses as its sunna to wear surma but wearing glasses is bida!!! And yes walk as its sunna or ride hourse or camel, there was no concept of cars and trains so its haram….well my brother there is long list of haram and yes you see you posted a comment here and provoked one woman to reply you…its again haram.

    We have enough of radicalism in our muslim culture and we have given a shameful impression of Islam to rest of the world. I do not blame uneducated Mullahs I blame educated people who blindly follow them.

    Enough with radicalism and men made muslim culture and salute to respect the humanity and ultimately to real Islam.