What Do You Think Happened Next?

Posted on April 7, 2009
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Adil Najam

This is a fairly old picture which I am sure you have seen in Pakistani newspapers or recieved via emails.

The picture shows a large truck carrying a bunch of other small trucks (interestingly the small trucks are very much like the large truck, a “Mini-Me” for those who get the reference). The large truck loaded with the small truck was stacked higher than the bridge-way it was passing under, and as a result the four vehicles at the top get their tops crushed. Of course, anyone who has driven on Pakistani roads is used to seeing over-loaded vehicles (here, here). But this image is different because it shows how the changing nature of our road infrastructure is forcing people to learn some elementary lessons the hard way.

My question, however, is very different. What do yo think happened AFTER the accident. I am really curious about what might have happened. It is obvious that there was a lot of damage? Someone had to end up paying for it one way or the other? Who do you think did?

Do you think the vehicles were insured? Did the driver get into trouble? Did the loaders end up paying for this? Or did the owners of the smaller vehicles being transported? Was the passage height marked on the bridge-way? If not, did CDA in Islamabad pay?

We see tragedies happening everyday, from accidents like this to suicide bombings. The loss of life is horrendous and overwhelms everything. As it should. But the economic and development costs are also huge. Property gets damaged, business loses value, people cannot work, economies go into a slump… and who pays for all of this. Who should?

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  1. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Can someone tell us what brand the little trucks carry. They’re certainly not Suzuki. On that tangent, if some one could shed light on how the adam motors products are doing in Pakistan. One would want them to succeed given that they are new and going after much bigger and powerful players. Just curious to know

    I am guessing the bigger truck is Hino. It was intersting how Hino and Isuzu fought for truck market share in Pakistan in the 90s. Hino was given a huge order by the army in 2000, I believe, giving a big blow to Isuzu. Ironically Gen. Ali Quli Khan was the Mananging Director of Isuzu at that time! I wonder how the market looks today with all the chinese trucks flowing in at half the price.

  2. khazina says:

    Why are “morons” allowed on the road?

  3. Mian Saeed says:


    MUST READ FOR ALL…(please read with Patience its important)

    On 7th April at night I had undergone a tragic incident on Islamabad Highway. I was going to Islamabad via Muree road then Faizabad to Islamabad). In-between there is a place called as College of Commerce stop where students use to cross the road to go from one side of the road to other side.
    A sad incident occurred there on Jan 20 2009 when a student died (martyred) while crossing the road when he was hit by a car.
    As a result the CDA’s Engineering wing has installed speed breakers so that pedestrians can move from one side of the road to another side of the road eaisly.


  4. Centrist says:

    Pakistani’s O Pakistani’s! How quickly we start comparing with US! Let’s stick to the question at hand. This site should start filtering responses like Chowk, or the site will more or less become a place for random talk.

  5. Maqsood says:

    yaar hadd kar di hai.

    Bechara driver maara jai ga!

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