Posted on July 20, 2009
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17 responses to “Pakistan In New Guinness Record for Tree Planting”

  1. Alvia says:

    This is a really good effort and much should be done like this we should stop just killing each other and concentrate on making our Nation better

  2. Abas says:

    Benawa – I don’t live in Pakistan so there really is not much that i can do. Like for example, Dr. Aamir Liaqat and a couple of other maulvis declared Ahmedis “waajeb-e-qatl” on their show Aalim Online. And then within 48 hours, a few Ahmedis were killed.

    Now let me clarify that i am not Ahmedi. I am Sunni yet i was so bothered by it that i emailed Geo and Aalim Online politely telling them that you cannot go around killing people if they are not attacking you in any way. I asked them to apologize because that is the least they can do. But they never replied back.

    Pakistani media is so irresponsible and don’t have much credibility. I have emailed quite a few other channels too if i feel that they have said something wrong but no one ever replies back.

    That is why i have completely stopped watching Pakistani channels. I have had enough of fake, pretentious wannabes talking out of their behind.