Posted on July 24, 2009
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14 responses to “Assorted Songs of Shehki”

  1. I most certainly completed my engineering from N.E.D university of engineering and technology, in first division. Thanks for visiting my work and my Persian back ground….would love to be of any assistance if you should need, ‘ll be happy to be assist.

  2. Nostalgic says:

    I just had to bump this topic… found two more of Iqbal’s Farsi poems sung by Shehki for PTV’s celebrations of Iqbal’s centenary in 1977… enjoy: =related

    Since I had earlier bemoaned the loss of Farsi in Pakistan, I would also like others interested in learning it to take a look at these lessons: dex.html

    I have been using these off and on for the past few years, but after discovering Shehki’s Farsi work, I have been going through the lessons rigorously these last few weeks… they are about 20 years old, and colloquial Farsi has changed since, as all languages do, but these lessons remain a great place to start…

    Man Farsi Yaad Mi Giram… Zuban-e-Farsi Kheli Shireen Ast!

  3. Naeem says:

    Slaam, Please can someone tell me where I can find a song he sung at the PTV 25th anniversary or one of PTV awrads, I believe it was inspired by some Spanish song…….it will be much appreciated

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    Nostalgic, you are correct about Shehki’s background. His father was in Pk foreign service. Mother is of persian descent and he stayed in Pak for education. Infact Shehki went to NED University, karachi for Engineering degree. Whether he completed his engineering or not, that part i don’t know.