Who Sang the Best Amongst Our Leaders?

Posted on August 9, 2009
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Adil Najam

Gen. Pervez Musharraf may or may not be the one leader who did the most good (or bad) for Pakistan. But he may well be the one who sings the best.

This video of a musical duet with Ustad Hamid Ali Khan recently aired on TV channel Duniya and has been doing the rounds over email, and originally recorded at a private gathering, has probably been seen by many of you already. I am no great expert on these things, but personally I think he did a good job of singing (certainly better than I or most people I know can). I would give him even higher score for good humor and confidence for doing so in public. And I must say that I really like his taste in music for the song he chose to sing along on.

Of course, none of this changes my views on Gen. Musharraf’s politics. I am quite capable – as I hope our readers are – of making those distinctions. But, yes, he may well be the best signer amongst those use have ruled Pakistan (I recall Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto singing along with singers too, but probably not this seriously, nor this well).

In fairness, I have never heard Mr. Zardari or any of the prior leaders singing, so any comparison is premature. Not withstanding my own views on Gen. Musharraf’s politics, the idea of a leader who can appreciate music – and good music – is an endearing one.

Postscript: I must say I have fretted since yesterday on whether to put this up or not. In a time when all of our sensitivities are hyper-sharp, when everything is or is seen to be a deep political conspiracy with layers of ulterior meanings and motives, when everyone lives forever on the edge, where everything is extreme black or extreme white, where even the most innocuous of statements is deemed to be layered with profundity, and where every opportunity – no matter how inappropriate – is used to score the smallest and cheapest of political points … in that mileu one fears that this post too will become victim of disections undeserving. I hope it does not.

May I please request our readers that if you wish to comment on politics – for or against the General – you will find plenty of places on this blog to do so. And we promise to provide you even more appropriate posts to do that on very soon. For now, please focus on that which this post is about: music. If nothing else, enjoy the song. I am confident, it will calm your nerves.

27 responses to “Who Sang the Best Amongst Our Leaders?”

  1. Aliarqam says:

    Hahaha…great taste
    He has a good selection of Bhangra song for dance performance also…

  2. Adam Insaan says:

    Have anybody heard about a forthcoming concert with
    Ustad Musharraf Ali Khan ?
    -if any have the knowledge and can confirm such a concert and if positive , is it going to take place in
    GHQ` or Overseas Enclave ??

    Nota Bena ; he is I think good at singing
    -although Ustad Mehdi Hassan beats him slightly.

  3. Rainbow22 says:

    He is a great singer. He can give a album til next year where he can sing about PML-N MPAs rape case, there exam case and creditcard scandels.

  4. a_syed says:

    The clip was fun to watch … but what was really interesting about this article was the post script.

    Adil implied that sensitivities are particularly sharp these days … but I’m inclined to think this is actually the norm.

    If it hadn’t been for the post script its almost certain that there would have been a flood of hypersensitive political comments … so it certainly made sense for it to be there … its just kind of sad that it had to be there.

    Anyways … hopefully greater objectivity will become more of a trend … so that people can fret less about expressing their views in the future

  5. Riaz Haq says:

    Wow, that’s great!! It almost equals former CBR chief Abdullah Yousuf’s dance video (with Mush and Aziz watching) that sparked a heavy, right-wing backlash, and it was used by the PPP as an opportunity to fire the best tax collector Pakistan has had in recent history.


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