2 Photos Quiz: Can You Guess Who’s Who Here?

Posted on September 4, 2009
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Owais Mughal



For a long time today, I kept debating with myself on which one of the above two photos to choose for this quiz. Both of these photos are such a great archive of our National radio and television history that I have decided to take exception to ATP’s tradition of using 1 photo per quiz. So can our knowledgeable readers guess on who’s who in the above two photos?

Hints: Both photos are from 1970. One person appears in both photos. Bottom photo is from Radio Pakistan’s Karachi Studio.

ANSWERS: See the answers here

28 responses to “2 Photos Quiz: Can You Guess Who’s Who Here?”

  1. Raju Jamil says:

    Pic No.1 has ; Yusuf (Shakeel), Neelo, (probably Qamar Ali Abbasi) and of left…she looks like Khurshid Talat d/o Ishrat Hashmi unless….some Radio Pakistan, karachi artiste.

    Pic No. 2 has; Perveen a.k.a Munni Baaji, Neelo, Mahmood Ali, Qazi Wajid, (probably Rizwana Khan a.k.a Kookoo) and Hasan Shaheed Mirza…that I recognize.

  2. I think one is Shakeel. The other lady is cute

  3. Uzma says:

    Photo 1:

    From Right: Nilofar Abbasi, Shakeel.

  4. Wajdan says:

    The second guy in the first photo might be Farid Nawaz Baloch.

  5. ASAD says:

    Would love to hear who these people are. Waiting impatiently for the answers.

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