Posted on November 9, 2009
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20 responses to “Dr. Salima Ikram: A Pakistani Egyptologist”

  1. Shenaz Turki says:

    On the subject of archaeology, does anyone in Pakistan know about the Mohenjo daro necklace that was recently reported as being held by an Indian lady in Shimla?

  2. Aqsa says:


    Could the author or someone else give me Dr.Ikram’s email or tell me how can i possibly reach her?

  3. Hasan Usmani says:

    Dr. Salima Ikram is prominently quoted in the latest New Yorker magazine, 16 Nov 2009 issue, in an article, “The Pharaoh” about Zahi Hawass, the secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities (S.C.A.).

  4. Saleem Nooruddin says:

    Proud to be Pakistani, we have whole heck of a lot of brilliants people which world wouldn’t know, unfortunately they know us in the context of……… not want to mention and boo to our media totally ignoring such an excellent people.
    It is indeed a very well written article, worthy enough to keep passing on…….Not only an eye opener that Pakistan carries such a brilliant people but also very inspirational article.
    Ayaz thank you! You might not know but it is a thought provoking article, conveyed a message to teens and parents that how to excel in life.