We Deserve Clean Drinking Water

Posted on January 6, 2010
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Muhammad Rizwan

This picture here shows the cleanliness status in Shad Bagh locality of Lahore. The piles of litter speak for itself the efficiency level of local government despite the tall claims of making Lahore another Paris.

This is a junction of very busy market in Shad Bagh where the dilapidated condition of road and heaps of litter are very much evident in the picture. Besides the trash pile one can see a cemented water tank as well as a watercooler. This water tank supplies drinking water to the people who do business around this area.

The hygienic purity of water can be imagined. No wonder epidemic diseases here spread fast due to poor sanitary and cleanliness condition. The incumbents in local government should take note of this and make necessary arrangements for disposing of litter posing menace of myriad epidemic diseases.

Yes, one can argue that why don’t residents who feel for this environmental disaster clean up this area on ‘apni madad aap’ (self help basis) but my point is that local Government shouldn’t also fail in their basic duty of picking up trash and keeping the area clean.

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  1. Riaz Haq says:

    Pakistan’s water quality is not good, but it is significantly better than in India. Both need lots of improvement.

    On page 288 of his book “Water management in India” the author P. C. Bansil quotes a UN study that says India ranks a poor 120 on a list of 122 countries in water quality.

    India’s neighbors Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan rank much better at 40, 64, 78 and 80 respectively.

    http://books.google.com/books?id=u7ojYC9csS8C&pg=P A288&lpg=PA288&dq=India+ranks+a+poor+120+in+a+list +of+122+countries+ranked+for+their+water+quality&s ource=bl&ots=_m4oQAa7kK&sig=r-qPJRUB2Xg1u3wQQ0Fphc ATDe8&hl=en&ei=oyLVS7j7GYqiswPIyrScCg&sa=X&oi=book _result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CAoQ6AEwAQ#v=onepa ge&q=pakistan%20water%20quality&f=false

  2. Adam Insaan says:

    -clean water……
    -clean moral…..
    -clean ethics…..

    -clean politicians….
    -clean people with clean power…

    -a clean Pakistan…..

    -a clean istan
    -a PAK ISTAN…………………………………………….

  3. Saba Kamran says:

    The conditions Pakistanis are living in are just deplorable… But the wonderful (strange) thing is that our immune system has grown so strong that these germs and bacterias just not effect us anymore. Our body is so used to bacteria in drinking water that we have to be living in a really really dirty area to actually get sick!

    But Pakistan isn’t the only one facing this problem. A country like the United States has some issues too. Here’s a link to that article.
    http://yello.pk/blog/shaby26/will-new-york%E2%80%9 9s-toxic-problem-ruin-texas%E2%80%99-water/2733

    And then i say if America has such problems then what’s a poor, lawless country like Pakistan to do?

  4. India-Pakistan Bhai Bhai when it comes to this.

  5. Eraj Danish says:

    What is the price of a human life as of today? Thousands are killed by miltants as if they have a license to kill anyone and anywhere. Remaining poor people do not even get clean water to drink. Just IMAGINE!! Can we all unite and step against all these factors. We need a reason to LIVE! And no one will want to die.

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