Jahil Online: Explaining Why Pakistan is Losing!

Posted on January 29, 2010
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Naeem Sadiq

Ex-MNA and fake degree holder Aamer Liaquat Hussain has taken even his own jahalat to new heights when during his ‘Aalim On Line’ show on Geo TV today (January 29, 2010) he revealed the real reasons behind the poor performance of Pakistan’s  cricket team!

According to GEO TV’s resident Jahil Alim the Pakistan team had started to perform poorly because its players are now wearing cricket shoes with green colored soles!

Yes, you heard it right. Its all in the shoes. Or, actually, in the soles!

Hold your astonishment, folks, just for a bit.

As the Jahil Alim explains, green is the  colour of Pakistan and of Islam and this color being rubbed on the ground is a derogatory act. Hence the divine retribution on the Pakistan cricket team!

It is difficult to believe that some one who professes to be a “modern religious scholar,” in this time and age would be allowed to deliver such superstitious sermons on a leading TV channel.  One wonders how Geo TV can tolerate “aalims” of such questionable credentials as they further distract and confuse an already uneducated nation with yet more ignorance.

Importantly, should the TV channels not be concerned that such incorrect, misleading and damaging information is being propagated by them and in their name? Should the channel itself not be held accountable for such jahalat?

82 responses to “Jahil Online: Explaining Why Pakistan is Losing!”

  1. Farrukh Bokhari says:

    Personal or a particular communities’ rancour is crying out loud here!!!!!!!!

  2. Sem Pakistan says:

    OMG!! I still cant beleive :o What is the link b/w green and cricket :o

  3. Syed Saquib Saeed says:

    OMG! If this news is true, does this also mean an end to a lovely walk in the park because the grass under our feet is green ?

    This guy’s losing it but I’m glad he thinks he can get away with anything. The more stupidity from his side the better. At least a lot of people with blind faith in him would see the real deal.

    As far as green being the color of Islam, it was the favorite color of our beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) .

    But the green soles topic? This basically proves that lack of common sense, education (fake degrees) and the desire to become a leader ‘by all means’ possible creates ‘extremism’. This guy is going to drown in his own proudness and self centeredness one day when people start hunting him like the dog he is, Inshallah.

  4. Shakeel says:


    Was not aware of his website – this is a ridiculous profile.

    Great to brainwash the brainless though.

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