Mairaj Mohammed Khan on the Making of Pakistan’s Politics

Posted on February 16, 2010
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Adil Najam

There is probably no period in Pakistan’s political history that was more central to defining the political contours of the country than the period which defined the rise, and ultimately the fall, of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Trauma is a permanent condition in Pakistan politics, especially today. But Pakistan politics, even as it unfolds today, was really “made” in that period.

Few people have witnessed, participated, and deliberated upon this “making of Pakistan politics” as closely or as astutely as Mairaj Mohammed Khan. A friend sent me this recent interview of Meraj Mohammed Khan which is worth listening to in full.

Student leader, progressive activist, Bhutto’s protege, and later an outcast from the Pakistan People’s Party, Meraj Mohammad Khan’s reminisces on that era are at once articulate and insightful. The events he is talking about are monumental: the creation of Pakistan, the heydays of progressive student politics in Pakistan, the rise of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the creation of Bangladesh, the fall of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Imran Khan in politics, and much more. His views on all of this and more are at once articulate and insightful. Some may well be self-serving: he is, after all, a politico. The interview, in four parts, gives rare insights into the politics that was, and why the politics that is is the way it is!

It is also a very charming conversation between two men who have seen much and who are obviously comfortable in each other’s company; who obviously enjoy that company and are enjoying this discussion. This comfort between the interviewer and interviewee, I think, adds layers of poignancy to the conversation. Enjoy:

20 responses to “Mairaj Mohammed Khan on the Making of Pakistan’s Politics”

  1. WSD says:

    The biggest failure of our intelligentsia is that they fail to point out that we need a new leadership.Solutions to our problems are not complicated but these solutions can only be implemented by a sincere and honest leadership not Sharifs, Zardaries etc. Although i think that Imran is the only hope at present but if not then someone more capable can fill the vacuum but I do not think that present dispensation has any capability to even think of a reformist agenda.

    MMK is a sincere man but still belongs to the long list of leftist “failures” ( add to it Dr Mubashar Hassan, Mukhtar Rana, Khursheed Hassan MIr, Sh. Rasheed ( lahore based )who thought that Bhutto will be the Lenin of Pakistan.

    Lastly, i think Imran is gaining ground. MMK left PTI in 2003 and since then PTI has gotten stronger only. Lets see how they perform in the next elections.

  2. Well, I think thats not true, Imran Khan is improving

  3. ZAFAR says:

    But he never really answers the question of why he stayed with Bhutto despite everything

    From this, it seems that he always continued to hold Bhutto in very high regard

  4. Kasim Mahmood says:

    A good question asked by WSD in the comments section. May be its a reflection of the people of Pakistan that they elect folks like Zardaris, ZABs, BB, Sharifs, etc.

  5. Qudsia says:

    great find
    the analysis of Bhotto is right on… brilliant but ruthess

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