Is this Child Abida Parveen?

Posted on May 15, 2010
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Adil Najam

Abida Parveen is a legend in her own times. A most amazing voice. A mesmerizing talent.This video, found on YouTube, claims to be of Abida Parveen singing as a child. But is it?

We know that Abida Parveen was a child prodigy. The Sindhi song being sung here could well be by Abida Parveen as a child. But is the child in the video Abida Parveen. I do not know. It does seem like lip-syncing and the very end with tears streaming down the child’s face did feel overdone. But, then, it could be an old PTV recording, although I seem to remember that her talent was first “discovered” by her future husband when she performed at Hyderabad radio station. If so, the child here would be too young for this to be Abida Parveen.

But let me not over-think this. The fact is that I am posting this video not because I am really interested in solving this mystery. It is because the Sindhi song in the video is indeed mesmerizing. Is indeed amazing. Whether this is Abida Parveen or not, the song is a fitting tribute to her talent.

So, lets just sit back. Let this sink in. Enjoy.

P.S. See Abida Parveen at her very best, here.

17 responses to “Is this Child Abida Parveen?”

  1. Bushra Syed says:

    Ofcourse she is the talented Abida Parveen.

  2. Maham Abbas says:

    Interesting..I think such talent in Pakistan really gives a good image of Pakistan and then ultimately identifies the true culture of Pakistan.
    That’s what is the aim of Azme Alishan:
    “70 years ago the idea of Pakistan was born in Lahore. Today it appears that we have reached a crossroads in our journey. Azme Alishan is an invitation for all Pakistanis to celebrate our real identity, culture and values, and to challenge negative images of our country around the world.”

  3. Daud says:

    Very interesting indeed. Although I agree it is probably not Abida Parveen in the video. Although sounds like she is singing when young

  4. Khairsoomro says:

    This song by one of famous Sindhi poets Wafa Pali is indeed sung by Abida Parveen. But the girl in video is not Abida Parveen. There was series of programme on Sindhi Music Channel Kashish in which the director Qasim Makka often had a modern video of old songs with look alike of the singers used in the video. There are many such Videos with look alike singers.

  5. Ali Zaidi says:

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, the Wahid Ali clip shows a microphone way too advanced for Abida’s childhood days. (compare to a google image search on “microphones 1960s”)

    But Faheem, if you do find out, please update us. Would be good to get to the bottom of this little mystery now.

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