Posted on August 27, 2010
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19 responses to “Two Photos of Kotri Barrage – One Year Apart”

  1. Ahmed says:

    Our highly honorable neighbor to the East even diverted polluted industrial waste water into rivers flowing into Pakistan: aily-english-online/Politics/16-Aug-2010/India-rel eases-polluted-water-towards-Pakistan

  2. Fuzair says:

    The problem is not just not enough water (except for now!) but the absolutely ridiculously wasteful way we use what we have. For example, we waste an incredible amount of water in growing sugarcane; should be strictly prohibited and sugar imported. Pakistan, among the most water short countries in the world, grows sugarcane, among the most water-intensive crops there is. Unsurprisingly, Pakistan also has among the world’s lowest sugar yields of major producers.

    Building more dams will just make the situation worse unless we improve existing usage regimes.

  3. Hashmi says:

    It is not only Kotri Barrage, I know Chashma Barrage was almost in the same position, yet not sure about others barrages but it is time to not waste time to construct few more.

  4. This is indeed a vast difference. We must do everything possible to help our fellows.