baRi der ki mehrbaan aate aate

Posted on September 3, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Raja Islam is an excellent photographer from Pakistan. We’ve featured him on these pages several times before. The title of this photo post also comes from him. A very symbolic shot.

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  1. HarOON says:

    Luckily homelessness has been a relatively smaller problem in Pakistan than in many third world countries. I suspect however that it may grow into a bigger problem as a result of these floods.

  2. Raja Islam says:

    Yes owais you guessed it right. I took this shot near Empress Market and that was Sunday so tullas are having free halva puri most probably.

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    I also enjoyed the detals in this photo – one of the reasons I chose to share this photo here.

    Note that a small exteranl ‘taala’ (lock) is hanging from the post box.

    Note the numbers 9-15 and 16-30 on the post box which are most likely the mail collection hours.

    Note a police mobile idling in the street in the background. tullas are probably having ‘halwa-puri’ breakfast at the road side restaurant – which has its white chairs spread on the road itself.

    From the street looks, it appears to be Saddar area – near Empress Market -looking towards east. Am i correct?

    And above everything, I thought Raja Islam had chosen the best title for this photo i.e. ‘bari der ki mehrbaan aate aate’ which I’ve also used in this post. It suits so well to the situaton of this guy sleeping next to a post box.

  4. Zubair says:

    It is a nice composition. Love the red of the post box. BUt I miss teh old large red drum like post boxes that used to be there

  5. MB says:

    Raja has been part of our KARACHI METROBLOG for sometime now. I used to frequently (and still i do at times) post his photos on our blog due to his “objectivity” which i found lacking in other photographers. Since i know RAJA personally i can attest to the fact that he gives his 100% in his work, roaming here and there every Saturday Sunday trying to capture an image that is worth his effort words.

    Well done Raja. By the way he has recently been from K2 BASE CAMP tour and has added some stunning beauty photos to his album. You can check them at his facebook page:!/album.php?aid= 199180&id=535907060

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