ATP Quiz: Quetta-Chaman Railway

Posted on September 21, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Several people have correctly guessed the following photo. It is the railway track in Pakistan on Quetta-Chaman section. The exact location is between the stations of Kila Abdullah and Shelabagh on approach to the longest tunnel of Pakistan called the Khojak Tunnel. The photo credits belong to one of our favorite photographers Agha Waseem Ahmed who is indeed a ‘yakta-e-rozgaar’ on Railway photography in Pakistan. In the following I am also sharing 4 more photos by Agha Waseem taken on the same Quetta-Chaman section.

Interestingly, many stations on Quetta-Chaman section have names which seem to come directly out of Persian literature and give a feeling of a lush green area e.g. Bostan, Gulistan, Shelabagh and Chaman. However, as you can see from these photos this area is pretty desolate and barren. Having anything close to a graden or even few green leaves here is a distant dream.

The city of Chaman is famous for its import of fruits from the western neighbor – may be that is why it got its name. Atleast in 1940s there used to be a refrigerated ‘Fruit Train’ from Chaman bringing fresh apples, grapes etc to rest of India.



10 responses to “ATP Quiz: Quetta-Chaman Railway”

  1. pakistan says:

    hello.this is amazing pakistan railway website.pakistan is not a terrorist country.please visit pakistan northen areas.

  2. Umar Sharif says:

    Wow! This is Beautiful, I wish to visit this place one day!

  3. Maira says:

    Beautiful! Though, nothing is as heavenly as traveling through the country side…it’s mesmerizing!

  4. Watan Aziz says:

    Naturally, if you have to explain humor (attempted sarcasm), then it was not done well enough.

    And since explaining has to be done, the attempted sarcasm is no reflection on good people of Baluchistan.

    And yes, it is a picture perfect postcard.

  5. engr says:

    The pictures are really attractive.Our land is really God gifted with every type of weather and landscapes .

    @Watan Aziz
    “By the way what was that ?”

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