Cricket Rules: ‘dekho! is ko take it easy lo.’

Posted on September 22, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Pakistan’s eventful cricket season will come to end today when they will face England in the rubber-decisive 5th One Day International (ODI). And what a season this has been.

Down. Up. Up again. Way down. Up again. And, now, getting ready for a potential nail-biter to the end!

As of now 11 hours and 23 minutes are left before the fifth and final ODI game starts and I am feeling the excitement building already.

What do you say will happen in today’s game?

A season which has made the perpetually-habitually-allegedly bad guy Shoaib Akhtar look like a farishta as compared to what the novices have been accused of. And then there have been on and off ‘Butt-tameezian’ of Ijaz Butt. People are saying that Ijaz Butt was quiet when he should have been vocal (when the crises broke out first time and the team was looking for leadership) and he is vocal when he should have been quiet (i.e. 2 days ago).

Not all is doom and gloom though. One positive thing that Pakistan team can take heart from is their improving performance in the one day matches. Especially the last two games have clearly shown the fighting spirit of the team. And this performance came amidst a non-stop barrage of media gossips and accusations. Bravo to the team to have done well under such extreme pressure.

As now for the game history between Pakistan and England, these two countries have so far played 67 ODIs with each other. England has won 37 (56.92%) and Pakistan has won 28 (43.07%). Pakistan’s overall win percentage in ODI’s is 54.87% (722 matches) and England’s win percentage is 50.57% (541 matches).

Few hours ago I was discussing the idea of this blog post with Adil bhai and one thing we discussed was how we all have to learn that cricket is not the end of the world. If the cricket team wins tomorrow, it will be great and we can bask in the euphoria for a bit without reaching the cloud nine. It will bring a smile on faces that have not had much reason to smile recently. And that, of course, will be good. But even if the team loses, that is not the end of the world. There is too much more that is much more important in all our lives; individually and collectively.

So, let us enjoy the game. Let us hope for a win. But, let us remember, a game of cricket is just a game of cricket. No less. No more. As we have said before in a different context, ‘dekho! is ko take it easy lo.’

Credits: The word ‘Butt-tameezian” is the title of a book by M Younis Butt.

19 responses to “Cricket Rules: ‘dekho! is ko take it easy lo.’

  1. Ehtisham says:

    England made 256/6 in 50 overs. Including 53 in the last ten overs. That may turn out to be the difference between defeat and victory for Pakistan!

  2. Very Well said!
    This is what I and many others have been saying all along that we need to know our priorities. A game is a game is game. There are more important things in lifes for individual and for the nation. However no one except few seem to understand.
    While I continue to watch the game, I dont take it to bed with me at night and when its over, its over.

  3. Nihari says:

    Bookies in Dubai are confirming the following match forecast. the numbers in brackets are the odds

    1. Third ball of the fourth over of the English innings with be a no ball (1-5)
    2. fourth ball of the second over of the Pakistani inning will be a wide (1-3)
    3. Shahid afridi will sport a beard (1-7)
    4. Ijaz butt will blame aliens for conspring against Pakistani team (1-1)

  4. Muhammad Aamir Khan says:

    Pewasta reh shajar say umeed-e-bahar rakh

  5. Watan Aziz says:

    A welcomed approach to what is only a “game”, played by people with “human failings”, which is something common between all of us.

    Glad to see ATP take a new page on this.

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