Posted on October 6, 2010
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70 responses to “Name Your Favorite Building(s) in Pakistan”

  1. Shahid says:

    This is an excellent idea of involving more people in to discussion and developing a visiting profile so people who wanna come to pakistan can come and see for themselves how beautiful architecture in pakistan has been. I would like to name different buildings as per cities that remind me of that place
    . Karachi .
    Historical places. Mausolem of Mr. Jinnah; Frere Hall, Empress Market, Merewether City Tower, Mohitta Palace
    Functional Marvel > KPT building (falls in both category), Habib Bank Plaza building, DJ Science College
    . Lahore.
    Historical Places. Badshahi Mosque, Minar e Pakistan, Shalimar Bagh, Shahi Qilla
    Functional Marvel: Wapda House, Aitchison College
    . Islamabad
    Functional Marvel: Faisal Mosque

    Others as far as i can remember)
    Jinnah residency . Ziarat
    Khyber Pass. Peshawar
    Qilla Drawar. Cholistan, Bahawalpur
    Hiran Minar. Sheikupura
    Mazar e Sheikh Rukn e Alam , Multan

    Many many more building are there each carrying its unique history and grandeur; of worldly battles or religious devotion, of love, beauty or that of utter respect. Just naming them made me think of the rich culture that we have. I hope your blog would undertake to write individually about these buildings as it has done in the past.

  2. Iqbal says:

    I think that the WAPDA House has now turned into a classic.

  3. Hakim says:

    I agree with Najam, the Karachi Port Trust Building is the first functional building that comes to mind. Another is Islamia College Peshawar.

  4. Ahmed Bashir says:

    Baltit Fort

    It is a 600 years old fort in Karimabad, Hunza restored to near perfection by Aga Khan Foundation. It claimed some space in the Time Magazine under the title ‘Best restored in Asia’. Baltit Fort is representative of cultural diversity of Pakistan. Away from Mugal, Hindu and Sikh architecture it is more indigenous.

    Worth Seeing.

  5. SM says:

    I think one of the best modern age monument is the Pakistan Monument in Islamabad since great thoughts have been put-in into this. Every artifact or architechtural element is put in right place and symbolizing Pakistan in one way or the other.

    Secondly, I always praised the twin bridges in Sakkah the Lnasdowne and Ayub for their architechtural value and usefulness. They attract visionary attention from miles. Their capacity is insufficient for these days, but very efficiently meets the need and are a great asset.