Singing Leaders: Who Sings Best of All?

Posted on December 14, 2010
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Adil Najam

I want to revisit a question I had first posed more than a year ago: Who Sang the Best Amongst Our Leaders? But I will expand the field to not just those who ruled Pakistan (President / Prime Minister) but also those who aspire to do so. As I had mentioned in that post “the idea of a leader who can appreciate music – and good music – is an endearing one” but also that I hope I am – and also that our readers are – capable of differentiating between what we think of someone’s singing ability and their political philosophy. I certainly do not, and hope you will not, react to the one on the basis of the other.

With that said, here are three samples of political leaders singing (I have tried to pick samples that they may have themselves picked out): Shahbaz Sharif singing ‘Akelay na jaana’; Altaf Hussain singing ‘BaRRey be-murawat hain yeh husn waaley; and Pervaiz Musharraf singing ‘Laagi rey tousey laagi, najar tousey laagi.

Shahbaz Sharif: ‘Akelay na jaana’

Altaf Hussain: ‘BaRRey be-murawat hain yeh

Pervaiz Musharraf: ‘Laagi rey tousey laagi

I am sure, and I hope, that other leaders sing too and we will add their performances if we can find them. Meanwhile, enjoy these maestros; and do please let us know what you think of their performances. (Lets please leave a discussion of their politics for another place and another time).

17 responses to “Singing Leaders: Who Sings Best of All?”

  1. Aziz says:

    Hands down Shahbaz Sharif. Didn’t know he could sing that well.

  2. Imtiaz says:

    I think both Shahbaz Sharif and Musharraf sang well and had great selections.

    Altaf Hussain, was actually more funny than anything. Someone should tell him to check his mannerisms :-)

  3. Fellow Pakistani says:

    In the header, who is Zardari and who is Sharif?
    And where is Obama with his Doog-Dugi?

  4. F. shirin says:

    Parvaiz Musharraf zinda baad!

  5. Shahbaz Sharif has the best voice. All sings well though.

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