December 16, 2010: khoon ke dhabbe dhuleN ge kitni barsaatoN ke baad

Posted on December 16, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Bangladesh celebrates its Independence DayToday it has been 39 years since East Pakistan became Bangladesh. It has been longer that Bangladeshis have been politcially separate from Pakistan (39y) than they were together (24y). A new generation has grown up without seeing the time when the two countries were together. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then and this is a good time for both countries to forgive and forget about the past. I would go as far as to say it should be okay to seek forgiveness from each other and say sorry for the war of 39 years ago. Nobody becomes smaller in stature by saying sorry except for inflated egos. It can only heal and make friends. And Pakistan needs friends.

We want to wish Bangladesh prosperity and good luck in their future.

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37 responses to “December 16, 2010: khoon ke dhabbe dhuleN ge kitni barsaatoN ke baad

  1. Younis says:

    Best wishes to Bagladesh future from a Pakistani.

  2. Imran Ayub says:


    I am surprised that you blame us for all the foreign hands, yes it is Pakistan that advised the Israeli chief of army to visit occupied Kashmir he seemed to be on summer vacations there.

    It is the first Israeli Prime Minister who in his first year in office gave this interview that Pakistan is a threat to its existence and India is their natural ally because it is against the existence of Pakistan (1967). In 1971 India sends its army to rescue people in a sovereign country, its us who violate UN resolutions on Kashmir, its us that kill thousands of Muslims in Gujrat, maybe we also were involved in the 13 independence movements going on in India.

    If this is the case than we are special as we Muslims ought to be. A small country creating troubles in the great India, Afghanistan in the World , no doubt we ruled the Sub-Continent for a 1000 years.

    We are so influential and attractive that in the largest democracy in the World the great India we inspire everyone from the Sikhs, Tamils, Maoists, Kashmires and also Jaswant Singh , everybody admires us and listens and act, thinks, practically executes every action as we wish.

    Born Leaders (Muslims)

    Conclusion “Either we are too smart or we are blessed”

    Pakistan Zindabad

  3. Nadia says:

    “The presence of upwards of a hundred thousand Mukhti Bahini (plus BSF troops) meant that the enemy was well trained, well equipped and clearly not a “civilian“ population being buthchered by the Army.”

    Really!! Only on 25th March night, several hundred students were killed in Dhaka University.
    More resources are here: nd-its-consequences/

    @ prasad, This is what happened to the 90,000 soldiers, iminals/
    among them, there were 196 listed war crimianls. Bangladesh Govt initiated a trial process but beacuse of Bhutto’s skilled statesmanship, these war crimianls were handed over to Pakistan. Bangalis in Pakistan became hostages of Pakistan Govt. Bhutto admitted that Pakistan had formally requested China to use its veto power to bar Bangladesh from becoming a member of the United Nations
    When Bangladesh applied to the United Nations, China cast its veto on August 25, 1972 in the Security Council to bar Bangladesh’s membership. Bangladesh was refused United Nations membership for wanting to try the war criminals.

  4. laila says:

    sir your post is really nice and it dipicts a positiv image of Pakistan .
    we pakistaniz are so open hearted and courtious . i have read in an bangladesh news paper that the general impression is they still considerred Pakistan as their enemy so there is a need to reduce this communoication gap and let them know that we are a good nation and do follow
    forgive and forget rule
    so all the best Bangladesh !

  5. fuzair says:

    Imran Ayub: That’s right; it’s always somebody else’s fault.

    Khushwant Singh was sent in the late 1980s, apparently from Islamabad but clearly written by a foreigner, an absolutely hilarious poem, “A User’s Guide to Indian Causology.” It holds true for us as well since we are nothing but Hindus once you scrape the veneer of “Islam” of us:

    When the monsoon fails and the sun drums down
    on the parched Gangetic plain,
    and the tanks dry up and the dust storms blow
    Where once were feilds of grain,
    When hunger stalks each village hut
    and famine grips the land,
    It isn’t mother nature’s fault – It is the Foreign Hand!

    For this is India, you see,
    not Germany or France,
    and nothing here is blamed on God
    much less on quirky chance,
    Here evil has a fingered form
    both alien and planned,
    It is that darkly subtle limb – It is the Foreign Hand!

    When Hindu lads hack Sikhs to death
    in peaceful Delhi town,
    When Rajiv’s corns are acting up
    or the Bombay bourse goes down,
    When the pesky little Nepalese
    insist on things like borders,
    When once-tame Tamil Tigers balk
    at taking south block orders,
    The reasons for this mischief
    I think you’ll understand,
    it’s those meddling foreign digits – It is the Foreign Hand!

    So when you’re in a Delhi lift
    beside a buxom dame,
    and you give in to the natural urge
    to pinch her husky frame,
    confront her adamantine glare
    with a visage mildly bland,
    and say:’It wasn’t me, my dear- It was the Foreign Hand!’

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