The (Very) Strange Case of Raymond Davis

Posted on January 30, 2011
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Adil Najam UPDATE POST HERE: March 16, 2011: Raymond Davis Released! This Story Ain’t Over Yet! Strangely, the more we get to know about the case of Raymond Davis, the less we seem to know. Even more strangely, the fact that the entire incident happened in broad daylight and in front of dozens of witnesses […]

Muzaffar Warsi (1933-2011): Mera Payambar Azeemtar Hai

Posted on January 29, 2011
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Adil Najam Muzaffar Warsi, a distinguished and distinctive voice in devotional poetry died in Lahore after a protracted illness on Friday, January 29, 2011. Warsi shaib was clearly an giant amongst naat-go and hamd-go Urdu poets. Although many would remember him for the rendition styles, he was first and foremost a poet who had dedicated […]

Tamashbeen After Shahid Afridi’s amazing whirlwind beauty of an innings against New Zealand today, I am feeling more upbeat on Shahid Afridi than ever. Rumour has it that others are too and he may be finally named as Pakistan’s team captain for the 2011 ICC World Cup Cricket. With 22 days left to the tournament, […]