Good News (for Pakistan) from New Zealand

Posted on January 9, 2011
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Adil Najam

As I write these lines, Pakistan is on the verge of a massive victory against New Zealand in the first Test Match of the series. By the time you read these lines, Pakistan would probably have already won the game – if, for some reason they don’t, this would already have become a mega story in sports!

As I watch Pakistan going into its second innings, needing 19 runs to win, it feels good to have some good news to write about. This time, cricket seems to have delivered, at least a straw of consolation to hold on it – or, maybe, to distract the mind!

On the verge of wrapping up the Test in three days after some good batting as well as some great bowling in New Zealand’s second innings, the young Pakistan team has begun washing away some of its own demons. While sporadic brilliance in T20 and one-day versions of the game have flowed, Pakistan’s performance in Test matches has been less spectacular, with a few exceptions.

But more than even the victory what gives me most hope is the fact that in this game the team seems to have begun emerging as a team and that it was the younger newer players who have carried the day for Pakistan: that this is not the brilliance of one mega-star carrying the day but this victory is the result of the entire team coming up with a good, joint, team performance.

Of course, this is just one victory and the troubles that this team is in are deep and grave (as are the troubles that this nation is in). But, at least in this moment, this victory, the teamwork that went into it, and the emergence of a newer generation gives me the slightest glimmer of hope for the Pakistan team as it moves forward and tries to crawl out of its scandal laden mess. Hopeless idealist that I am, I cannot help but hope that maybe, just maybe, there is a lesson here for the rest of the nation too!

P.S. As I finish writing this post, Pakistan has just won the Test match by 10 wickets!

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  1. Nizar says:

    Good victory for Pakistan and yes it may help distract the mind. We should remember though that sports in the US and Europe have been described as weapons of mass distraction. People pin the hopes and aspirations on national, local sports team and ignore the political realities in which they live. This is particularly true in the US.

    So, take some time out, enjoy the victory, but remember that Pakistan is almost on life support and urgent action is required to heal the country.

  2. Ehtisham says:

    Good victory and yes, the team is finally emerging as a team. Wish the nation will also become a team.

  3. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – ” I’m very proud that pak win this game the credit go to rehman & gul great bowlers & love it to beat them own there own home.
    Watch out Pakistani will be very dangerous team in WC 2011. Will you all please take serious.”
    – “finally!”
    – “Finally some good news for pakistani people:))))”

  4. tariq khan says:

    Adil and the readers of ATP, well said again Adil My pakisitaniat is alive but very much wounded and I fear the day that it will be assasinated. Keep up the difficult work of delivering CPR frquently its working for the time being yes Pakistan Zindabad. Tariq k ps please read the oped in todays ny times by Sherbano Taseer.

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    This victory bodes well for Misbah’s future as captain too. If he can keep the team united and keep them away from scandals then he will have done his job well.

    Younis Khan needs to show more application as a batsman. I want to be proved wrong that his career is going downhill.

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