Roshan Malik

About 38 percent children population below five years of age are either underweight or malnourished and around 36.2 percent people live below the poverty line in Pakistan. Primary enrolment of 5-9 years old children in Pakistan is the lowest in the region.

Fifty six percent of the people have access tap water while 42% have the luxury of using flush toilet. The emission of Carbon dioxide has doubled in the era between 1990-2004 causing more pollution and endangering sustainable development. All these figures haunt us as a nation, as a human being and as a part of modern world.

Flair, fury and fun in Pakistan

Posted on October 14, 2008
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Adeel Khan

When I was boarding Emirates’ EK623 to Karachi, Pakistan, I was so not looking forward to endless electricity shortages, carbon-polluted air and the crass conversations that are punctuated with materialistic garble, so typical of Pakistan’s upper-middle class. I knew little that this trip would be the most fascinating, mentally relaxing trip that will be etched in my memory for a long time to come.

Pakistan is a country full of ironies, anomalies and abnormalities. A fellow passenger seemed to be very impresses by the Canadian passport and North American accent. On my way out of the plane I bumped, as in literally bumped, into an aunty. Thereafter, she could not stop ranting about how improper the new generation could be and how disrespectful desi-gorays are.

The Daredevil Electricians of Pakistan

Posted on October 13, 2008
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Owais Mughal

One could argue whether this is the most important issue facing Pakistan today? No it is not. But it is an issue on which I am qualfied to write about because of my profession. What you will see below is a series of photos where Pakistani Electricians (and general public) are seen working on distribution and transmission lines without much regard to their safety.

The photo above is from September 23, 2008. Photographer is Jehangir Khan (Associated Press). The subject is a staff technician of KESC working on distribution lines in Saddar, Karachi.

The daredevil mentality persists where Electricians over look safety measures thinking they know it all. They think if nothing has happened to them in all these years, then nothing will happen to them in the future because of their experience. Sometimes they even think it is below their macho image to wear protective equipment. It is true that these electricians may have knowledge of basic rules of electricity and physics but mistakes and accidents do happen and in such circumstances, I believe these guys and our utility companies (WAPDA and KESC) are very ill prepared.