Inzamam becomes the most capped ODI player

Posted on September 5, 2006
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Owais Mughal

As Inzamam-ul-Haq appears in 3rd One Day International between Pakistan and England, he becomes the most capped player in this form of cricket.

He is closely followed by Tendulkar (India) and Jayasuria (SriLanka) who may takeover him in near future. One just has to wait and see :). Here is the list of 10 most capped players in ODIs. Note that 9 out of 10 most capped players belong to South Asian teams. The list is current upto and including 3rd ODI between England and Pakistan played on Sept 5, 2006

1. Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan): 365 matches
2. S.T Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka): 364
3. S.R Tendulkar (India): 363
4. Wasim Akram (Pakistan): 356
5. M Azharuddin (India): 334
6. S.R Waugh (Australia): 325
7. P.A De Silva (Sri Lanka): 308
8. R Dravid (India): 293
9. Salim Malik (Pakistan): 283
10. W.P.U.J.C Vaas (Sri Lanka): 281

And Here is the list of 10 most capped Pakistani players in ODIs. The list is current upto and including 3rd ODI between England and Pakistan played on Sept 5, 2006

1. Inzamam-ul-Haq: 365
2. Wasim Akram: 356
3. Salim Malik: 283
4. Waqar Younis: 262
5. Ijaz Ahmed: 250
6. Saeed Anwar: 247
7. Javed Miandad: 233
8. Shahid Afridi: 228
9. Mohammad Yousuf: 221
10.Abdul Razzaq: 215

ADDENDUM, March 18, 2007: Inzamam announces retirement from ODIs

March 17 and March 18, 2007 proved to be tumultous for Pakistani cricket. At first Pakistan lost to Ireland in a World Cup match which saw Pakistan unqualified for the next round. Next the coach of Pakistan cricket team since 2004, Bob Wolmer had a sad demise in his hotel room and then Inzamam-ul-Haq announced his retirement from the ODIs. The detailed news of Inzamam’s retirement is quoted by Adil Najam below in the comments section. As far as topic of the above post is concerned, it looks like Inzamam’s career will stop after playing 378 ODIs in total.


65 responses to “Inzamam becomes the most capped ODI player”

  1. Shahran Asim says:

    I think INZI is a great player and I think it was sad moment for all the cricket lovers when he went on the stairs crying like anything.

    The other day I was watching the cricket show on an indian news channel where they were paying paying tribute to his accomplishments. There were old players who talked at length about his qualities of being a simple man, straightforward person on the otherhand, on the wicket he was as agressive.

    The comment they made which I really liked was that he never got that much publicity as much Sachin, Lara or even Wasim Akram got.

    I still have to see any programs on pakistani channels paying tributes to the Inzi.

    You could see his start of his career in 1992 where he shined which is in contrast with what we saw in 2007.

  2. Saanwal says:

    Inzi bahi did the right thing and at the right time

  3. Zuhaib says:

    I think its a great loss for pakistan team that he has resigned from ODI’s.
    He was a man of honour. He played belligerently for pakistan in his career.
    I personally think that cricket is the game in which one ball can change the whole story, And don’t forget its a game not the war. So, for the people of pakistan, stay calm and relax. This same team will gonna rock this world (INSHALLAH). Just pray for the team because they are in real trouble and having sorrows for the coach who was like a father for them is dead.
    I would also like to share one thing that the people like SIKANDER BHAKT which are coming on air on televison channels are wrongly using the concept of freedom of speeech. There work is to pacify the people of pakistan not to stir up the people. So the message for them is to stay in their limits and don’t use their freedom which can harm someones image.

  4. Imran says:

    i cant stop my tears….

    he was my best player

  5. Adnan Ahmad says: 86543.html

    This picture tells a thousand stories. I am sad. I wonder how he batted for as long as he did. I think the strategy for him for a situation like this was to breathe and bat.

    I think Inzamam deserves a better farewell. I don’t think I will see a bastman of his class again; someone who had shots for every situation. While growing up we used to hear commentaters say that as long as Viv Richards was on the crease anything was possible and Inzamam was in that same category simply because he had those big shots that could turn the game that many other statistical stars don’t have. Just look at the games he won for his team.

    Did any one not miss Woolmer in today’s pictures.

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