In The Line of Fire: Book Tour Details

Posted on September 21, 2006
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Adil Najam

Just got hold of a list of major media appearances that Gen. Pervez Musharraf will be making as part of his book tour to promote In The Line of Fire: A Memoir. The book is publsihed by Simon and Schuster which will be handing much of the book tour, although it is clear that he will be asked about and will speak about much more than just the book.

(BTW, there is also a White House meeting with President Bush on Friday; so Gen. Musharraf will remain busy).

ATP had alreday written about the general’s appearance on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, and we have a ccurrently ongoing ATP Poll on Grading Gen. Musharraf’s Performance in office. I am sure there will be other appearances too, but here is a list of the key ones.

Sept. 24: 60 Minutes
Sept. 25: NBC’s Today Show
Sept. 26: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Sept. 27: NPR’s Morning Edition
Oct. 1: NBC’s Meet The Press

Although there are always surprises, those familiar with the US media landscape would agree that one could express the toughest questions on Meet The Press with Tim Russert and The Dialy Show with Jon Stewart. The Today Show and Morning Edition appearances are more likely to focus on the ‘softer’ and more personal questions. 60 Minutes can go eitehr way, depending on who is interviewing him, but is likely to be a mix of personal and political issues.

Also heard on the internet that the ghost writer for the book is Humayun Gauhar. I am not at all sure if this is true or not. If this is, in fact, true that would be something. Humayun Gauhar is another ‘PR maven’, and son of Ayub Khan’s media guru, Altaf Gauhar. Reportedly, Ayub Khan’s biography, Friends, Not Masters, was ghost-written by Altaf Gauhar.

If true, the coincidence and the connection would be just a little too perfect. Which is why I remain skeptical about the authenticity of this rumor. Readers, does anyone have a sense if this is true or not?

ADDITION (23 September, 2006)

Video clips (in three parts) of Bush-Musharraf press conference at the White House on Sept. 22:

125 responses to “In The Line of Fire: Book Tour Details”

  1. Farrukh says:

    It seems that someone has placed the ENTIRE book by Gen. Musharraf – In The Line of Fire – for free download in PDF format on the Internet. I am not sure how long teh downloadable version will be there, but in case you want to you can download it at: e_line_of_fire.html

  2. Daktar says:

    Does anyone know what the price of the urdu version of the book will be in Pakistan?

  3. Adil Najam says:

    Update for those who may be interested.

    1) The Urdu version of Gen. Musharraf’s book is expected to hit bookstands on October 21. The Urdu title is ‘Sub se pehlay Pakistan’ (i.e., ‘Pakistan First’) and it is published by Ferozsons Publishers.

    2) Simon and Schuster is planning to bring out the 4th edition of the English version. Reportedly it has now sold over 70,000 copies. Some 28,000 in India and Pakistan.

  4. Adil Najam says:

    Suleman, in looking for the original source, I found the following:

    (a) A report from Rahimullah Yusufzai of The News, who interviewed Ali Kuli Khan on this (here).
    (b) A report, also in The News, who reproduces Ali Kuli Khan’s statement (here).

  5. qaiser says:

    speaking of ‘line of fire’, thre is this supposed coup plot on Musharraf by Air Force Officers recently.. and teh rockets they found… at least his critics are saying it may be staged …

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