A.Q. Khan: Another Take

Posted on October 9, 2006
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Guest Post by iFaqeer

Given the views expressed by Gen. Musharraf in his book In The Line of Fire, and the recent discussions on ATP on the whole Abdul Qadeer Khan affair, I thought I woudl share a rather old but still relevant comedy news bit done on this on The Daily Show.

This is before Steven Colbert had his own show and soon after Gen. Musharraf pardonned A.Q. Khan.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooXEF9xrv3g&eurlWha tever you think about A.Q.Khan, here is one view of how his actions and our reactions to them look to the outside world.

As usual, the folks at The Daily Show say things that only a humourist can. The “He said sorry.” The “Pakistan didn’t sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.” The hypocrisy of “Godfearing nations full of very religious people” (both Western and Muslim?) wanting nuclear weapons (of course, he didn’t, but citizens of Islamic Republics do well to remember the proscription against weapons that have long-term environmental effects)…it goes on and on.

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17 responses to “A.Q. Khan: Another Take”

  1. PatExpat says:

    Regarding the Mush interviews, he expects us to be naive to assume that AQ Khan has transferred more than 50 tons of material without the blessing of Army and Airforce. According to earlier reports, C-130s were used which are operated by Airforce.

  2. Samdani says:

    Lead story in Daily Times says this:

    “Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s proliferation activities greatly damaged Pakistan’s image, to the point that no country is now willing to give Pakistan technology for nuclear power generation, President Gen Pervez Musharraf has said.

    In an interview with ARY television, the president said Pakistan could have been declared a rogue state or faced severe sanctions because of Dr Khan. “We are not an oil producing country and imagine how critical it would have been for Pakistan in case of sanctions. This proliferation ghost is still chasing us.â€

  3. Shahab Riazi says:

    I just got done reading “Shopping for Bombs” and it was a fascinating read. I have started the processes of checking the sources of the book and so far everything seems to check out (I have only checked a few so far).
    It is amazing how haughty and high handed A Q Khan had become and how he handled himself and the sensitive technology he brought with him from a foriegn country to Pakistan. I have no compunction admitting that what he did perhaps saved another embarrassing episode for the Pakistan Army, since I am convinced that Indian government would have plotted to take another bite at Pakistan after 1971, under the right circumstances. Without nuclear weapons Pakistan may not have been able to withstand another conventional attack from India. However, what should have been recognized by people in government in Pakistan at that time is that if A Q Khan can spy away the technology to Pakistan, he can just as easily spy it away from Pakistan. This sorry mess could have been avoided if Bhutto would have taken the step of handing over the technology to Pakistan Atomic Commission (Eventually then ended up doing the hard work anyway) and giving A Q Khan what he sought which is recognition, medal and a statue perhaps in a prime location in Rawalpindi where the benefactors of A Q Khan’s emulation James Bond live. I am referring to the Army in case it is not clear.

  4. Adnan Ahmad says:

    I just copied and pasted the link from up top.. I think one of the admins redid it for me.

  5. MQ says:

    Adnan, thanks for putting in the link. How do you do it, by the way?

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