Posted on December 25, 2006
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25 responses to “December 25: Mr. Jinnah’s Legislative Career”

  1. Kudos to Yasser Latif Hamdani . A great piece of informative writing. Valuable information I am searching for are readily available now.
    This post is from Kollam, Kerala, India. Please list here good books written on Saheb, especially biographies. Is the biography named Ambassador of Hindu MuslimUnity written by Sarojini Naidu, the great poet of undivided India in 1916 is avialable anywhere ?
    What kind of relationship between Jinnah Saheb and Sarojine Naidu ? plz quote authorities.
    Once again thank you for your valuable article.

  2. YLH says:

    This being Gandhi’s assassination day… I think it is important to revisit what Jinnah said on Gandhi’s passing…

    No. 61 Jinnah Papers Volume VII

    M.A.Jinnah to Devdas Gandhi
    Telegram, F111-GG/4

    Please accept my most sincere condolences on the tragic death of your revered father. Your loss is the loss of humanity. Pakistan joins you in mourning this loss.

    M A Jinnah

    Also this:

    No.59 Gazette of Pakistan Extraordinary Jinnah Papers Volume VII

    F.111 GG/5

    In exercise of powers conferred by section 25 of the negotiable instruments Act (Act XXVI of 1881) it has been decides to observe 31st January 1948, as a closed holiday through out the Pakistan dominion on account of Mr. Gandhi’s sad death.

    Muhammad Mukhtar for deputy secretary

  3. Dear Ghalib,

    Well said. H M Seervai, India’s foremost constitutional lawyer, wrote “Partition of India :Legend and Reality” and has conclusively destroyed the myth of history. There is little that can be done to absolve Mountbatten and his Congress allies like Jawaharlal Nehru of the mess they made at the time of partition leading to the deaths of 500 000 people.

    As Imusafir said above- Jinnah was forced to make Pakistan. It is this fact- the fact that it was Jinnah- who even someone like Amar Jaleel, an ideological Pakistan-hater to the bone- admires as a leader of calibre- who made Pakistan and not someone else.. that should force people gobbling up nationalist mythologies on all sides to cry halt and think about History.

    However this article is about Jinnah’s early career as an Indian nationalist.

  4. Ghalib says:

    his words”failure is a word unknown to me ” tells the tale of a mans beliefs!
    Stanley Wolperts books on Jinnah is a good book and in the openning its says osme thing great about the man we righly call Quaid-e-Azam,he wrote he was one for muslims what Gandhi and Nehru were together were for Hindus!
    indian law man Mr Seervai has written a book about partion as has entirely unearthed the true realities behind Jinnah even Ayesha Jalal a writer from Columbia universty has opened reserach work for Jinnah whos life is still a mystery for many!

  5. TURAB says:

    I didn’t know this but Mushi is the first president to visit Quaid’s Mazaar on 25th Dec ever!!! That was surprising for me to learn as I read it here

    Hats off to MUSHHI!