Pinglish: What’s a Missing Letter Between Friends!

Posted on April 12, 2007
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Owais Mughal

ek nuktay ne mehram se mujrim kar dia
hum dua likhtay rahay woh daghaa paRhtay rahay

When I first saw it, the phrase ‘Don’t tuch me’ got me laughing for many seconds. I found it written on a Suzuki pick-up while I was passing through Super Market, Liaquatabad, Karachi on the afternoon of December 30, 2006. The painter had almost got it. Just one letter went missing.

As I moved my camera up a little bit on the same Suzuki pick-up I saw the following scene. Aaah. Just one letter missing again. ‘Banaras Khan’ became ‘Banars Khan’.

On a different topic, also note how the back cabin of this Suzuki has been secured using a metal bars and a lock.

17 responses to “Pinglish: What’s a Missing Letter Between Friends!”

  1. Allah Vasaya says:

    Just for my info, is Pinglish only limited to Pakistanis, because our friends across the border have something called “Hinglish”, are they not the same?

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    Pinglish is interesting because it brings smile to the face. It is one of the lighter sides of life. Nothing wrong with it but an interesting observation to see a language’s evolution.

  3. Babar says:

    Why Pinglish is so interesting that I see a post about it every other day. I dont think Pinglish is any achievment on our part, specially while we are making urdu into urdish or something and forgetting punjabi altogether.

  4. Sufi says:

    It is probably for young school children.

  5. Anwar says:

    I am curious to know what exactly this machine is meant for? To carry rabid dogs, a mechanized funeral buggy, a portable safety deposit box or what? Any comments Owais?

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