Posted on May 12, 2007
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40 responses to “Eyewitness Report: ATP goes to Lal Masjid … (back) to the Supreme Court … and Rally-land Islamabad”

  1. Concerned Pakistani says:

    Re Menu/Exit’s earlier remark: “These people are standing with “sticks

  2. waseem says:

    first time karfew create in islamabad.but i thing not involve in lal mosque peoples.mostely involve in government person.goverment provide guns in lal mosque.this game main head off america.because goverment mostly peoples is agents off america.

  3. Nadeem Ahmad says:

    I have a simple understanding of the situation!!!

    1. Most of the so called motivated madrassa students are YOUNGSTERS.
    2. Young minds are easier to be moulded
    3. Extremism is rampant in our thought process.
    4. We are extremists in our thinking(wheather Islamist, Surkha or Ultra pseudo!)
    5. Our people(young especially) in general are guided by a group of well established demagogues, and not some faith or ideology!
    6. These so called leaders are CORRUPT to the CORE…..there motivation is MONEY, POWER and THANEDAARI!!!!
    7. No service to Islam…..shame on us….shame on all trouble makers using mosques as platforms.
    8. Why are we always stuck with FAHAASHI issues!!
    9. Do we get clean drinking water, a good dependable and respectable transport system in cities………….nth.
    10. Just check what GOOGLE has to say about the top ten countries surfing the web to seek pleasure!!

    not much to say……


  4. menu/exit says:


    First of all, I’m not sure which country you live in but the greeting of “dear” doesn’t have any flirtatious connotation as such rather it’s used to address others with respect. I don’t go around flirting with random women on the internet especially on ATP’s comment board.

    Anyway — getting to the point –, I agree people shouldn’t take the law in their own hands and the Lal Masjid folks were totally incorrect in doing so. But this doesn’t mean we totally ignore their concerns. That’s how George Bush and his cronies think. We need to look at this issue from all sides and the “haters” should try to reach out to these people. In fact they should be supporting them for the good and advising them on their mistakes. We shouldn’t use such incidents to push our own little agenda, hence the Fox News comment.